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We need your help on a middle name for Nicole MommyinPA 2 kids; Pennsylvania 39 posts
Feb 16th '08

We need help... my husband and I are expecting a baby girl on May 13th, and we are set in on the first name.. Her first name will be Nicole, but we are stumped on a middle name... All imput is appreciated! Thanks a bunch!


Buckeye_Mommy TTC since Jan 2012; 3 kids; Newark, Ohio 361 posts
Feb 16th '08

I voted Dawn just b/c Nicole Dawn was my younger sisters name she was killed in an car accident over the summer but i loved her name! Sorry that probably puts a damper on the name!

N & A 1 child; New Mexico 22234 posts
Feb 16th '08

but thats just because my name is Nicole Marie.

squishy & squirt's mum 2 kids; Hobart, Australia 16328 posts
Feb 16th '08

What is your last name.. it helps people to put the name together :P

user banned Chicago, Illinois 66899 posts
Feb 16th '08

I like Nicole Larissa, I think that sounds very pretty. Good luck with your choice.

Nicole B 1 child; Brisbane, Australia 7120 posts
Feb 16th '08

I'm a Nicole Jade... Those choices sound wrong to me because that's my name :P

user banned Chicago, Illinois 66899 posts
Feb 16th '08
Quoting nicole508:
Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Feb 16th '08

Nicole just seems more of a middle name with the names you've posted IMO

I like Addison, Ashlynn and Helena

Mommy to 4! 4 kids; Tennessee 2783 posts
Feb 16th '08

Nicole Dawn

N & A 1 child; New Mexico 22234 posts
Feb 16th '08
Quoting Nicole B:
user banned 2 kids; Fiji 10927 posts
Feb 16th '08
Quoting MommyinPA:
Helen Knight Japan 2 posts
Apr 28th '12

Jayne or lane

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
Apr 28th '12

Nicole is a hard name to pair with as a first name.

Nicole Rachelle
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Isidora
Nicole Irene
Nicole Jacqueline
Nicole Genevieve
Nicole Lareina
Nicole Madeleine
Nicole Guinevere
Nicole Arabella
Nicole Ramona
Nicole Jessamine