Leg Numbness Logan's taskmaster 2 kids; Mississippi 971 posts
Feb 16th '08

FOr the past 2 months or so, the skin on my left thigh has been completely numb. I asked the doctor about it, and she said that it's because the baby is on a nerve in the pelvic area that can cause the feeling of numbness. She says it probably feels like having an epidural ( I wouldn't know--I'm pregnant with my first). It does not feel like its asleep; itjust feels numb when I touch it or scratch the skin.It feels like I'm not even scratching my own leg! Does anyone else have this problem, or know when I might get the feeling back? It's really aggravating, because I have to sleep on my left side, but everytime I move my leg, it feels funny! Not to mention sometimes it feels like a spider is crawling down my leg and it freaks me out!! :x

ILoveMyUSMCBaby 1 child; Kailua, Hawaii 3351 posts
Feb 16th '08

um, my the bottom of my big toes are's not because i'm pregnant though...

*Mellow* 3 kids; York, Pennsylvania 17689 posts
Feb 16th '08

I had that with my one leg -- can't remember which, but the doctor said the same on a nerve. It didn't last more than a week or two and then it just went away...but it was weird it lasted that long because my baby was SO active you would have thought he'd have been off it within minutes! Hang in there.

♥speechless 3 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 3571 posts
Feb 16th '08

sciatica...You get numbness I get pain.....That is probably the nerve they are telling you about. I get a sharp shooting pain up and down my left leg. It can also cause numbness, and tingling,

What is Sciatica and How Can It Affect Pregnancy?
The sciatic nerve is a long nerve that runs from the lower back to the back of the legs and feet. Typically this nerve allows feeling in the muscles of the legs and feet. There are times however when the sciatic nerve can become inflamed, whether from pressure in the back or injury. When this happens people experience sciatic pain. Sometimes persistent or chronic pressure to the sciatic nerve can result in weakness in the leg or surrounding areas, numbness or even tingling. Some women describe the sensation as similar to the feeling of pins and needles you get when your leg falls asleep. Many women develop sciatica during pregnancy, though sciatica isn't a result necessarily of being pregnant. Pressure on the sciatic nerve during pregnancy can lead to backache or other discomfort. Some women assume that the baby presses on the sciatic nerve resulting in pain or discomfort. This is not necessarily however the case. Many times sciatic pain during pregnancy results from damage to a disc in the spine. This can cause inflammation in the tissues surrounding the never or result in direct pressure to the nerve (if for example, the disc has slipped out of place and is compressing the nerve). Women who are pregnant are more prone to disc injury, hence the relationship. Many women will have developed sciatica at some point or another whether pregnant or not. It may be coincidence that they experience pain and discomfort during their pregnancy. Some women will feel pain or tingling in their back and leg while others will only notice discomfort in one or the other area. Some women experience pelvic pain during pregnancy which is sometimes mistaken for sciatic pain.
Typically the symptoms of sciatica in pregnancy include the following:

  • Pins and needles in the lower back or leg, possibly the affected foot. Shooting or burning in the leg, buttock or lower back. Pain in the lower back or back of the pelvis that may extend into the foot. Numbness in the leg or feet.
Logan's taskmaster 2 kids; Mississippi 971 posts
Feb 16th '08

I guess I should count my blessings that's it just numbness and not pain. My dad has had problems with his sciatica in the past and had to be bedridden for almost a week until the pain was bearable.

I was just hoping that it would have gone away by now. The baby moves around so much, I was thinking it wouldn't be so consistent.

Thanks for the advise ladies...I'll keep hanging in there.

♥speechless 3 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 3571 posts
Feb 16th '08
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Karin C. Tennessee 1 posts
Jun 22nd '08

I have this as well and was told it was due to the femoral nerve. Could it be Meralgia Paresthetica ?

Makennas mommy Due December 5; 1 child; Vero Beach, Florida 358 posts
Jul 9th '09

I am experiencing this too.. Only the top of my left thigh is numb and its only when i lean any way toward my left side, or even bend my leg that way. It doesnt hurt too bad it is just really annoying and i have to readjust and wait and it will finally stop, i havent been to the doctor for it yet, maybe if it does not stop.

Jesse's mom! Due June 30; 1 child; Kentucky 326 posts
Jul 9th '09

This happened to me yesterday.. My back on the side hurt.. It ran down to my butt...and my leg kinda of went numb...

sammiewynn87 Due October 26 (boy); 5 kids; Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 1 posts
Aug 7th '10
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Jennifer Bridgeford Due June 21 (girl); 1 child; League City, Texas 2 posts
Feb 26th '12

My numbness is in my right thigh. It started at about week 19 and is constant. Feels cold when standing still and just started the crawling sensation. OB said the same thing about baby pressing on a nerve and my baby is also very active. This is my second pregnancy and I didn't experience this with my first. Congrats on becoming a first time Mommy.

Sarah Watts-Christian Due October 26 (boy); Williston, Florida 10 posts
Jul 25th '12

I have the numbness and creepy crawling feeling as well in my right thigh but i have had mine for about 2 months now and it doesnt go away it is constantly their however i also experience intense pain in my right hip on occasions my dic also told me it was the sciatic nerve but if it get unbearable go to hospital because the pain can cause anxiety and raise your blood pressure so just keep an eye on it :) hope you feel better

KrisD Japan 1 posts
Sep 28th '13

When I was around 6 mths pregnant (I think?) the skin around my left side of my right knee became numb and if I bent down it would feel like it was tearing and it was very painful. I went to the doctor and he thought it was bursitis so gave me a shot in my knee. The pain eventually went away but the numbness stayed until after I had my baby and finally I can feel my knee again. Since I had my son last August the side of my ankle became numb, then an area in the center of my back became numb, and lately the side of my left knee is now numb and my left toe is numb. Have any of you had different spots of numbness like this? I carry around my son a lot and he's pretty heavy so it's almost like I'm still pregnant carrying around the weight. Is this a sciatic nerve problem, a disc issue, or possibly something else? I went back to the doctor a few months ago and he had no idea of course and said if it got worse to come back.