Pooing in the potty?! Shannee Due October 5; 2 kids; Calgary, Alberta 145 posts
May 28th '11

My 3 yearold son will pee in the potty but he wont poo!!! He always goes in his pants and I get upset with him and tell him its bad but he just doesnt can I get him to poo in the potty? I need some tips/advice please :)

*-Gigi & Audrey's Mama-* 2 kids; Pennsylvania 1686 posts
May 28th '11

**Watching** my LO is 3 also and shes like embarrased to go poo in the potty lol shes been goin peepee for awhile now and does great but the whole poo thing she isnt quite ready for. hopefully we get some good tips!!

Got my 2! 2 kids; Texas 278 posts
May 28th '11

for the next few days see what time he poohs. it should be about the same time everyday. take him in a few mins before and he should go then, and then you can celebrate with him, and mommy dont get to mad, he just dosent understand it yet, but as soon at the pooh gets flushed, he will totally get it. you may also want to have dad show him how to pooh in the potty, I know that sounds so gross, but it works. good luck. Oh and do you reward him with anything. My sister used gold star stickers for pee, and blue star stickers for pooh. It didnt take to long for her sons to be potty trained when she finally working on it! Hang in there and dont give up, it will be harder if you do!

SherryandMatt Due February 15 (boy); 2 kids; 6 angel babies; Arizona 4326 posts
Apr 25th '13

Have you tried dumping his poop from his pants in the toilet with him so he sees where it goes? And kids love to flush so you can let him flush? DD loves to do poop on the potty, we sing play with stickers and make a celebration out of it. More so in the begining now usually clapping and acknowledging it. Good luck!