green poop and fever? Jess |Team Pink| 1 child; Arkansas 1873 posts
May 26th '11

I was wondering if anyone knew bug or something was going around.. I woke up to my DD being cranky and not able to sleep at 5:30am.. turns out she had bout 101 temp. I went ahead and gave her some ibuprofen so she'd get a bit more sleep and maybe not be so cranky.. She slept a bit and got up and was perfectly normal, no temp, her normal self.. then she went poop. It was like grass green and almost diarrhea.. and apparently acidic bc she got a small diaper rash immediately.. The green coulda been the fruit roll up her dad gave her last night .. but for it to give her a rash makes me think its some kinda bug. Her fever is going back up.. at about 100 right now (6 hours after meds).. but she's acting okay. I know to not give her medicine unless she's really feeling bad like this morning.. but I was just wondering if anyone knew of something going around.. she's running around playing right now and its throwing me off. trying to hold off on going to the dr unless she gets worse

Colleen L. 20 kids; Tallahassee, Florida 9190 posts
May 26th '11

There is some kind of stomach bug going around. My friend and her 3 kids have all had it.