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May 24th '11

Malayuh's Labor Story:
On October 13th it was like any other day for me, I went an ate lunch with a friend an right before she was about to take me home I started getting what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions well she told me to stay an of course I am extremely hard headed an wanted to go home. So I completely forget about it that night an just go to sleep. Well I don't work so the next morning when I wake up I'm extremely bored an decide to take it upon myself to move the pack n play filled with shit across my room. Next thing I know I have to pee an once again me being a moron I mistake my mucus plug for heavy discharge. (which I had all through my pregnancy). After 3-4 hours of intensifying cramps I call my friend an tell her "I think I need to go to the hospital" She tells me I am a moron for not staying an she drives to come get me. We end up going to 2 hospitals since the first one had no labor an delivery and by time we got to my hospital I was hurting an was 6cm dialated. Yeah me! right? It took a full 24hrs to have my daughter since I was only 31 weeks preggo an they still wanted to try an get some shots in me..finally at 1:30am they break my water an about 1:55 I start pushing an at 2:14am Malayuh aka Korean was born!!!!:lol::lol:

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Apr 16th '12

How long did she have to stay in the NICU for?