Rayray87 Due August 26 (boy); Sylvan Lake, Alberta 199 posts
May 31st '11
Quoting milfstatus:" AAAH!! That's epic! I'm due in January and I've been contemplating the same name (if I have a boy, of ... [snip!] ... I am biased, though, in that I love love LOVE the name. What is the middle name? That's always a name maker or breaker :)"

oh god the middle nameS... lol We both want something from our families in there, he'll have SO's last name of course, but he also wants 'Dionissio' in there cause it's a family name and every first male born to each generation has atleast had it as a middle name. Which I don't mind, it's a nice name. But I want something from my real dad (died 14 years ago) and it was actually SO's idea to put my step-dad's name in there as well... so Kiedis Dago Dionissio Rocky A. My poor, poor child lol

This child is a big deal tho, my SO thought he couldn't have kids and his only other brother is unable to, so this might be his only chance (though I doubt it lol) And on my side it's the first child born to this generation, as was I with my generation.

hazelfitz Japan 1 posts
Jun 21st '13
Quoting Rayray87:" I am having a boy in August, looking for some feedback on the name Kiedis. Also, if I choose this not sure how to spell it, Kiedis, Keidis, Kedis, Keydis...."

my son is called keidis he is 13 this year :D