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Feb 22nd '08

Sorry to say I don't have good news. I went in for my 3rd ultrasound (8weeks) and still no fetal pole or baby. Since my uterus had grown, but my gestational sachad not gotten any bigger from the week before, my OB was finally convinced that it was a blighted ovum. After going through my options, we agreed that the best fit for us would be to have the D&C done. I'm now scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. The good news is, I only have to wait one cycle before we can try again. The bad news is... we have to try again. I've finally come to terms wtih it, after 4 weeks of not knowing. I'm convinced it was because it wouldn't have been a "good" pregnancy, and that God will provide only good seed.

I wish you all the best of luck in your pregnancies, and for those of you who are still in limbo waiting... keep the faith. Miracles do happen! God Bless!

Signing Off........ Pennsylvania 21507 posts
Feb 23rd '08

Sorry to hear that. Hugs

the great thing is after a blighted ovum, women go on to have perfectly healthy next pregnancies!

good luck!

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Feb 25th '08
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Jenn~BabyBlessings4Us Due January 14; 3 kids; Texas 8 posts
Feb 25th '08
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Jan 28th '10
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Oct 29th '10
We have also just been last week Tuesday to see the gynie and got the same news. There is a sac, but no embryo can be seen. The gynie suggests we have our dates wrong and need a follow up visit next Thursday the 4th Nov. I am so scared but also positive that we have the dates wrong... Will keep you updated.
LaJuan Major California 1 posts
Dec 4th '10

About 7 years ago, I was about 19 years old, I got pregnant, I went for my first ultra sounds @ 11 weeks, there was no baby heart beat nor a fetal pole or baby in the sack. The doctor convinced me' that I had blighted ovum, I was extremely sad, and I didn't try to get pregnant again for a very long time because of that.
Here I am 26 years old 7 years later I'm pregnant again, I went fir my first ultra sound at 5 weeks pregnant hoping to see a baby, again no baby, I'm not sure if it was to early or what, but I'm so stressed because of the blighted ovum I had 7 years ago. I have my next appointment December 17th, I should be 12 weeks pregnant by then, I'm so scared if blighted ovum this pregnancy around. I just have some questions to make me' feel better...


I'm so scared I just want my baby, I'm 26 hearse old and I'm ready to raise my baby! Please help me' I'm so sad!

Cori White Due March 17 (girl); North Carolina 16 posts
Mar 5th '11

I am going through the same thing. They actually can't even pinpoint how far along I am but on 2/17/11 they saw a gestational sac and it measured 4 weeks. My HCG levels were 3,618. On 2/21/11 they were 7/216. On 3/1/11 I went in for another ultrasound and they didn't see a yolk sac, fetal pole, or heartbeat...just a empty gestaional sac. My HCG levels were 27,404. I went to get a second opinion from another doctor and they still didn't see anything either. She told me you should have seen something at 6 weeks.... I am really worried I am having a blighted ovum....I am thinking I concieved beginning in february. I havent had a period since dec 29-jan 5(LMP). My dates are all wrong probably because of birth control. I am so scared that I lost my baby early on...any advice?????

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Jul 28th '11

Hello All, I am losing all hope, so decided to post and maybe hear some positive history. I could be anywhere between 7 to 9 weeks. I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago, but since had just gone off BC, I do not know when I ovulated. Had my first u/s 1 week after positive hpt, couldnt see anything and my doctor just said the dates could be wrong. He asked for blood test and new u/s in 2 weeks. So 3 weeks after hpt had second scan and could only see an empty sac. My dr sais things do not look good asked for another blood test adn new u/s in 1 week. I have done the second blood test today and the result was only 5101. I think this is really low as I have to be at least 7 weeks by now. Is there any hope? I

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Jul 21st '12

Hello. I am 19 and currently am going thru the same thing. According to my lmp I am suppose to be 7w 2d and I went into the e.r due to loose stool and an u/s was done and there was only a sac. The technician said I looked at about 5 Weeks, but the Dr said It may look like a false pregnancy. I went through a miscarriage nov. 2011 and the feeling of going through one again is horrifying. My blood counts are 13, 698 and I really don't know what to think. I have an appointment with a different o.b and i'm Hoping for good news. My bf deploys in September and him leaving with this Going on only makes things worse. Has anyone had their Weeks wrong ???

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Oct 30th '12

hi i have been reading everyones post.... i thought i was the only one going through this, 3 weeks ago i went to the dr and he said that i was just starting my pregnancy the ultra sound showed the beginning of a yolk sac but that was about it...and then last week the sac had doubled in size but he said he sees no embryo and this week it is the same and now they are telling me that i should terminate the pregnancy... please give me some advice.

mommytimestwo Due August 4; Japan 3 posts
Dec 17th '12

Just putting this out in the virtual universe to hopefully inspire some hopeful thoughts. I had the early pregnancy panic trifecta. First, no symptoms, natta, no nausea, no fatigue, nothing. Second, spotting, not just brown spotting but bright red spotting that appeared starting around week five (three weeks pregnant) along with slight cramping. This lasted over a week. Lastly, they did an transv. U/S when I was 5 weeks and 4 days. There was a sac but no baby, no heartbeat. I was heartbroken. I thought for sure it was a blighted ovum. I am 7 weeks today and went for another U/S four days ago at 6weeks 3 days. The baby is right on track with in size and a healthy heartbeat! This is my second pregnancy and I had no spotting or cramping with my first, although that was 12 years ago! I remember searching the net for people in my situation to try and find hope so I am passing this along. Although I am not out of the "woods" yet, I have stopped spotting and I know everything is progressing normally. Hang in there if this is happening to you. My doctors says often U/S before 6.5 weeks can't pick up that tiny baby! Good luck ladies.

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Dec 17th '12

Praise God! This is a very common problem with early U/S. It just causes un-necessary fear.