16 year old still wetting the bed. Wildflower 🌈 1 child; Oregon 7078 posts
Apr 11th '11

my 16 year old sister still wets the bed :( she is a heavy sleeper, but i dont know if it is more than that. i feel so bad for her because she has NO self confidence (sp?), all her old friends are stupid & immature so she shut them out of her life, & a year ago she found out she has alopecia (sp?) an auto immune disease that attacks her hair folicles & leaved her with bald spots on her head :cry:
its so sad... she is a beautiful girl, very smart & funny, but just hate seeing her so down about herself.

she refuses to see a doctor about her bed wetting. anything i can do to help her?
why would she still be wetting the bed?

if it makes a difference, my mom wet the bed untill she was 7, & i did untill i was 6 or 7, & my brother did untill he was 9.

3M'smom 3 kids; Illinois 28879 posts
Apr 11th '11

She should really be seen. I wet the bed until I was 13 because I went undiagnosed with an under developed bladder. I had to take hormone therapy for years because of it. I still to this day can't hold pee good.

Bizzle. Due October 6; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Lake Havasu City, Arizona 18345 posts
Apr 11th '11

I actually dated a guy when I was 17 who would have accidents.
I don't remember exactly why he did though.
Under developed bladder? Something psychological?

SerialKiller 2 kids; Virginia 23722 posts
Apr 11th '11

maybe she has a weak bladder? does she have problems holding it during the day?

Kyrie ♥'s Monkeys 2 kids; why, az, United States 52117 posts
Apr 11th '11

For some people they have bladder control issues. They don't get the urge to pee until it's too late. When you're asleep at night it's even worse.

i'd let her know it's more common than she thinks and talking to a doctor might help her find ways to reduce incidents.

SlinksterCool TTC since Jul 2011; 17 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 2070 posts
Apr 11th '11

My 13 year old brother still wears night trainers to bed. He has accidents 2-3 times a week. He was recently diagnosed with stress incontinence and an underdeveloped bladder.

Ni✗✗i 2 kids; Falcon Heights, Texas 5378 posts
Apr 11th '11

she really should see a dr.... it sounds like it could be some underlying medical condition? Could it be related to her auto immune disease? I feel bad for her! I wish I could help:( Try your best to convince her to go to the dr so she can get help and put a stop to it!

BoomerLeigh Due November 28 (girl); 1 child; Orlando, Florida 1582 posts
Apr 11th '11

She should really see a doctor she could have kidney or bladder issues. My best friend wet the bed till she was eleven because of issues and still does from time to time.

♥His Mimi♥ 1 child; Virginville, Pennsylvania 25663 posts
Apr 11th '11

A friend of mine did until she was like...18 or 19? I'm not sure which. She said that one day she just woke up ok and never had a problem since...


I wish I could be more helpful.