Opting out of pregnancy screening tests? Kay plus Three 3 kids; Hillsborough, New Hampshire 6101 posts
Mar 29th '11

Okay, so maybe Im being a bit "granola" here, but so far in this pregnancy, I have decided to pass on numerous screening tests. Ive had the initial blood test to make sure everything is in the normal range, but other than that, I have said no.

I had everything and I mean everything done when I was pregnant with my first, and you know what? He was perfectly healthy and plump. Why have the same tests on the same blood? Im contemplating the glucose screen as well, as I do eat well, and dont have any symptoms.

Anyone else opting out on pregnancy screening and keeping their blood to themselves?

MaMa pOpO x2 2 kids; Atlanta, Georgia 3583 posts
Mar 29th '11

it may be the same blood but its a different baby...i didnt have any problems with my first, but this baby had me anemic and with a low blood count...i would have never known had i not got doesnt harm me taking my blood so its the least i can do to "ensure" my baby's health

Thirteen and Boo 1 child; California 6087 posts
Mar 29th '11

I skipped them.

I was a super low risk for anything, and I would still keep the baby if she had anything, so I decided not to.

She came out perfect :D

scgALusc 3 kids; South Carolina 1716 posts
Mar 29th '11

Its totally up to you, ive taken all the required and additional tests so really no help here but IMO... Just bc its "same blood" doesnt mean theres not a possibility of pregnancy related conditions..... GL

~Nimlorel~ Due September 28; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Edmonton, Alberta 4821 posts
Mar 29th '11

I opted out of my maternal serum test for this baby and my second, because I'll keep the baby no matter what that test says.
But I am going to do my GD test next week, that one is important imo.

Kyrie ♥'s Monkeys 2 kids; why, az, United States 52117 posts
Mar 29th '11

It's fine. there's not a super huge need to do them. I did them all with my first, all was fine.

I actually missed my chance to do it with my 2nd but didnt really care about the quad test much anyway. I did do the GD test though because I'm super hypoglycemic during pregnancy and need to make sure it doesn't swing too far in either direction.

Lady bugs momma - AF 16 kids; Washington 927 posts
Mar 29th '11

i did the intitial blood tests like you but opted out of everythign except the glucose test.... i failed the 1st one and the 3 hour one i had some unexplained symptoms and couldnt complete it, if they ask me to re-try that one i will be declining. There is no sense in putting myself through that kind of physical and mental stress again. Especially since they dont know what went wrong...

my babies heart rate is fine, shes measureing fine, everythign looks good so lets just leave it alone!

Unnamed Manchester, New Hampshire 4149 posts
Mar 29th '11
Quoting Kay and Sawyer:" Okay, so maybe Im being a bit "granola" here, but so far in this pregnancy, I have decided to pass on ... [snip!] ... eat well, and dont have any symptoms. Anyone else opting out on pregnancy screening and keeping their blood to themselves?"

never did a single one. I don't trust them. Even my nurse told me in confidence, that she doesn't trust them either, and she's rather enjoy her pregnancies than be worrying the whole time about test results.

I'm also opting out of the glucose screening UNLESS they have reason to believe i am gestational diabetic. That glucose drink is NOT good for your pancreas, and i have diabetes in my family, and i'm not risking danaging it for unnecessary reasons. I don't drink pure sugar on a regular basis, especially not while i'm pregnant.

mama to 2 pumpkins TTC since Oct 2014; 2 kids; 5 angel babies; San Francisco, California 10792 posts
Mar 29th '11

with cole i didnt do the blood screening for downs. i did do the u/s. i figured if something was wrong they'd see it on the u/s. this time tho i am doing the tests because the dad was a heavy drinker and on methadone for a previous addiction.

Mr. Meiko Due August 2 (boy); Jacksonville, North Carolina 284 posts
Mar 29th '11

I've done all the tests so far. Not to decide whether or not to keep the baby, cause no matter what I planned on keeping it. But rather to research and prepare on the posibilities of what could possible be wrong with him. I wanted to know the best way to take care of him if there was a good chance of "something" being wrong.

Unnamed Manchester, New Hampshire 4149 posts
Mar 29th '11

...just to clarify, we do the 20 wk u/s, because that's a huge bonding experience, and it can indicate whether or not the baby will survive if he/she goes to term. And we do the blood work in the beginning, even though i've always had a clean bill of health.

Kay plus Three 3 kids; Hillsborough, New Hampshire 6101 posts
Mar 29th '11

Oh Ive definitely done the ultrasounds, I dont really look at that as a test, rather than a chance to get a peek at the baby. My doctor only does a dating ultrasound early and a "teaching ultrasound" at 24 weeks to find out the gender (I actually went to a keepsake ultrasound facility to find out the gender at 16 weeks).

Im glad Im not the only one not taking the tests. I did do the intial blood screen to check all levels and whatnot, but other than that, I think I will pass on the rest. Im glad to see some of you skipped the glucose test too. I have to take time off from work to go to my appointments, and I try to schedule them around my lunch break, so that I dont lose any desperately needed money from my check! The glucose test would ensure that I would have to take off more time. (What a terrible reason!) I also dont feel that Im at risk.

The same blood means it still has the same chance of genetic conditions.

nicolex3 1 child; New York 213 posts
Mar 29th '11

i did the blood testing, and nothing else. my doctor said the other tests weren't necessary nd its a 50/50 ratio of women who get them done to those who don't. i chose not to because ill love my baby no matter what, and i didn't want it to ruin my pregnancy, i didn't want it to worry family members....if there's an issue ill cross that bridge when i get there, but it certainly won't change my feelings for my LO

Stacey30 4 kids; Minnesota 473 posts
Mar 29th '11

I've done all the necesary blood work but I did opt out of the genetic testing. For one my insurance doesnt cover it and also I didn't want to worry about anything wrong with the baby.

Blessedw6 Due September 12 (boy); 5 kids; Wisconsin 6357 posts
Mar 29th '11

With my fist two I did what ever the doctor told me, except the screening for disorders. This time, I have a home birth midwife and only did the initial blood screening work. I did not do a GD test. I did have one optional ultrasound with our back up doctor and I will be having a Step B culture, but that is it.