Fourth Degree Tears.. :( Kay Pea 1 child; williamsburg, HI, United States 422 posts
Mar 18th '11

Ok ladies. I wanna hear your stories of your fourth degrees and healing processes/problems EVERYTHING! LOL I had my son, Jayce 5 weeks ago and have fourth degree tears. My hubby is over in Iraq and is coming home in Sept and I am PETRIFIED of even thinking about sex and wondering if my girly friend will ever be/look/feel the same. Also, I can't hold my gas in! I DO NOT want my hubby coming home to my uncontrollable embarrassing!

**2Lynns8707*ES* 2 kids; Autryville, NC, United States 3598 posts
Mar 18th '11

i tore all the way with my 1st, after my 6wk appt my doctor had cleared me for sex and we tried.. 1st off the area was seriously sensitive to the point of pain, plus i was so dry there... so about 2wks after that (8wks pp) i went to the doctor he said everything was healed for where my stitches were (i had internal and external stitches) but that i ought to have my husband (or myself) massage the area daily to help it be less sensitive by getting used to touch again. i'd say somewhere between 6 -10months pp i finally felt mostly normal again with sex... its awful, and for me because i was so scared to tense up any muscles down there the gas did just kinda flow... once you aren't as worried about being in pain, you will be able to subconciously hold it in as before, until you get a moment