mamatoie&d Due February 20 (twins); 1 child; 2 angel babies; High Point, NC, United States 6528 posts
Apr 4th '11
Quoting Zoom Zoom Zoom! {MBRD}:" Who hasn't recieved their money or items or money?"

I bought an outfit for my son. It was only $12, but it's still money, ya know?

But she replied back on paypal with this a few days ago: "I have been dealing with USPS on this matter with multiple packages Im afraid - both shipped that day and supposedly received by me that week. I deeply deeply deeply apologize. I am NOT a scammer I swear, I havent been on BG at all so I didnt even know you had sent me any messages. I will refund your order in full with my deepest apologies, and will have to get on USPS to try to recoop my losses."

I know this sucks for everyone who paid, but try to give her a break. You'll all get your money back.

Holli ♥ Ryker 1 child; Lacey, Washington 1618 posts
Apr 4th '11

Stephanie has refunded my money. I'm glad she made things right.

Nikki Nak 2 kids; San Diego, California 14320 posts
Apr 5th '11

My refund is pending.
That sucks all that happened with USPS and I hope she gets it sorted out.
I know she was trying to save for a camera

Patsy North Japan 2 posts
Nov 24th '12

Hi- I'm interested in buying some Mark mega volume next day spray from you. I noticed you have a Black Friday special going on. Please send me the details.
Thanks, Pat

Patsy North Japan 2 posts
Nov 24th '12

I don't know why it says "I live in Japan" at the bottom of my inquiry about the Mark mega volume next day spray. As you can see from my description, I live in Lake Isabella, California. ?????