Do bananas make babies constipated? Lucas's Mama10610 1 child; California 463 posts
Feb 27th '11

My SO's mother gave my 4 1/2 month old son bananas and I had told her not to feed him any real food other than the squash I made for him and of course she didnt listen and fed him bananas and he has been extremely fussy since and keeps spitting up almost everything he eats and it seems like he cant poop because he is trying but all that is happening is he crys and his face turns extremely red

LilyOfTheValley. Oregon 3050 posts
Feb 27th '11

Yes they do, They constipated my son horrible.

♥Mrs.Garcia 18 kids; Houston, Texas 13802 posts
Feb 27th '11

If he didn't have that much and he's breastfed then I wouldn't worry about it. Try giving him some drops, maybe he is gassy. Poor baby, but yes, bananas make babies constipated sometimes.

Lucas's Mama10610 1 child; California 463 posts
Feb 27th '11

He isnt breast fed anymore
my milk wasnt enough for him
What kind of drops do I give him and where can I get them?

Lucas's Mama10610 1 child; California 463 posts
Feb 27th '11

and she gave him a whole small jar of them

babymakinmachine 3 kids; Kentucky 4436 posts
Mar 2nd '11

I am late but heres the correct answer you need.

  • Bananas are very high in soluble fiber which, in some cases, helps to move the bowels through the intestinal tract so bananas can be helpful in eliminating constipation issues.
  • Bananas contain an ingredient identified as pectin and the pectin is the source of fiber in bananas.
  • Consuming a single banana offers you more than fifteen percent of the entire daily fiber intake you require.
  • The ripeness of a banana will determine whether or not it will make you constipated when it is consumed.
  • The potassium in ripe bananas helps to alleviate diarrhea since it replaces needed electrolytes.
  • Fructooligosaccharide are found in bananas; an enzyme producing compound that assists in natural digestion and hinders the fermentation of bananas once inside the intestinal tract; this helps to prevent constipation in some cases.