What to feed a 10 month old?? bubbacurran Florida 899 posts
Jan 20th '08

My granddaughter, Angel is 10 months old. At her 9 month visit (she weighed 20 lbs, 4 oz), the doctor said to feed her stage 2 and stage 3 foods. She's still just on stage 2 foods for lunch and dinner (that's all - fruits and veggies and a little meat at dinner), plus cereal for breakfast and a little more cereal near bed time. I was wondering what you feed your 10 month old. Also, I was looking at stage 3 jars of baby food and they seem so big. So, how many jars at one meal? For instance, one Chicken Veggie jar and one Fruit jar? Or, is each jar really two meals?? Do you feed your babies any people food at all? We don't yet and as you can tell by her weight, she's definitely not starving! But, I want her to learn how to chew food before her birthday (don't want her to be so inexperienced at chewing that she chokes on birthday cake)!! Thanks.

Heather[♥'s V] Due January 27 (boy); 33 kids; Tulsa, Oklahoma 14302 posts
Jan 20th '08

I'm not sure about stage 2 and 3 baby foods since I haven't started those yet and have no idea how they look, but I have a chart from Victoria's pedi and it says solids can start being introduced at 10 months. Just soft foods like canned green beans, mashed potatoes, or mashed chicken breasts.

bubbacurran Florida 899 posts
Jan 20th '08

Thanks Heather. Our pediatrician hasn't given us anything. Angel may be starting daycare soon and I know that when she turns one, the daycare's give regular food, so I want to get her prepared now!

mommy2bagain Arkansas 78 posts
Jan 20th '08

My ped told us at 9 months to start feeding our little man anything that we ateminus nuts, citrus, and a few others. Of course, I didn't give him spicy foods. He had a mouth full of teeth by that point so I never even gave him stage 3 foods. He is now 4 1/2 and healthy as ever. :)

nichole♥ 1 child; Lawndale, California 21742 posts
Jan 20th '08

You can start with mashed foods first, or small pasta and a little bread.

You can go here for a chart for 10-12 month olds:

That's also a great site to refer to for feeding her. I hope everything goes good!

Mandy Neider Virginia 1 posts
Dec 20th '10

your baby will should let you know when they are full or not. Do not force feed. If they do not want it they will let you know.