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Feb 27th '11

Dimples n' Daisies, a new baby boutique is now selling high quality DESIGN YOUR OWN ring slings.

Dimples n' Daisies Ring Slings are not only adorable and stylish, but they comfortable, practical and safe. Our slings can be used for infants through toddlers up to 40 lbs.

What makes Dimples n' Daisies Slings different than others?
YOU design your own sling. None of our slings are "one size fits all" or "ready to ship". They are 100% customized for you and not made until you create and order your product. You chose your fabric, ring color, size and length of tail. We take pride in our fabric selection. Not many other boutiques offer hundreds of fabrics for you to chose from.

Our ring slings are made with 100% cotton and we have hundreds of fabric selections. Cotton is great because it's very comfortable and soft for mom and baby, does not overheat during the summer months and is very strong and durable.

We use nylon rings that have been rigorously tested for safety and make washing your sling super easy! They are completely safe for up to 40 lbs. We have quite a few colors so that they match your fabric.

Unlike most other ring slings, we offer our slings in 4 different sizes so it fits you perfectly. The main problem with one size fits all slings is that they either can drown a smaller person in fabric and baby gets lost or they can be too snug on plus sized ladies. This also ensures that you are able to chose how long you want the tail to be. Some women like the tail longer so you can use it to cover while breastfeeding and others like it shorter so it does not get in the way. If you would normally need a medium and want a longer tail, purchase get a large or if you like it shorter, purchase a small.

We have tested many different styles of ring slings with different ring placements and width of fabric and folds at the shoulder and we are very confident that we have found the perfect pattern! We have never had a complaint or problem with the placement we use and it really seems to help with the back strain some ring slings may cause.

Please allowed up to 2 weeks for our product to be made because they are customized. They will most likely take less time, it just depends on how many orders we have at the time. If you need your sling sooner, please just let me know and I'll see what we can do.

We have a note on our facebook page that has quite a bit of information on baby wearing if you are interested or have questions.

Pictures of our ring slings. This sling is a small and the lady wearing it wears a size 8. The tail on this one is a little bit shorter on her and if she wanted a longer tail then she would order a medium.
Small (clothing size 0-4)
Medium (clothing size 6-12)
Large (clothing size 14-18 )
X-Large (clothing size 20-26)


Ring Colors
White, Ivory, Gray, Black, Navy, Blue, Purple, Burgundy, Green & Brown

Fabric Choices
Any cotton fabric is available to use but we recommend using an allover print that has no direction (polka dots, floral etc).


Deals for Baby Gaga mamas
We are offering FREE shipping to anywhere in the US for all BG mamas until 3/31/11.

Landonswifey [pregnant!] Due January 14; Queen Creek, Arizona 2781 posts
Feb 27th '11