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Jan 18th '08

So, I went to the ER last week as I had been having itching problems, they figured I had yeast infection so gave me the 7 day cream treatment, it has been over a week and I was still itching, so went to the ER again and now they are saying that I have bacterial vaginitis. They gave me metronidazole (twice a day pill for 7 days) and I was just wondering if that's safe to take while pregnant. I am a little over 6 weeks pregnant and I'm scared it's not good for the baby. Should I just suck all the irritation up and hope that it will go away. I don't trust the doctors here very well as they thought I had yeast infection and now they are saying I have bacterial vaginitis. A friend of mine was given that when she was pregnant (not sure what term) and the baby ended up having a cleft defect, I don't know if that has anything to do with her medication, but it does make me wonder? HAS ANYONE TAKEN METRONIDAZOLE DURING THEIR EARLY PREGNANCIES AND now have a perfectly normal baby. I mean, no matter how my baby comes out, I'm going to be grateful, but I'm just wondering. Thanks for all the help!

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Jan 18th '08

Go to and click on drug search at the top. I just searched that drug's name and went to Flagyl and this is what showed up for fetal risk:

  • Crosses human placenta.
  • In animals mutagenic and carcinogenic.
  • To date no association with human cancer.
  • Use in 1st trimester is controversial, possible association with congenital defects (Mental retardation, dislocated hip, hydrocele, cleft lip and palate, holotelencephaly, optic atrophy, hand defects, metatarsus varus).
  • Contraindicated in 1st trimester, acceptable in 2nd and 3rd trimesters if alternatives failed.
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Jan 18th '08

From what I have read, it is safe to use during pregnancy, but not recommended during the first trimester. I would contact your OBGYN for more information before taking it.

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Jan 18th '08
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Jan 18th '08

My OB is out as his wife just had a baby and I'm suppose to have my first ever ultrasound 01/28. The ER doctor was an obstretician himself... but I'm just not so confident with these military doctors here.

ItsMeAmy127 3 kids; Barre, Vermont 725 posts
Jan 18th '08
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Jan 18th '08

I had Bacterial Vaginitis. They gave me a cream.
I was in my 2nd and 3rd trimester when I got BV.
Very uncomfortable.

For relief for the time being, until you speak with your OB I'd suggest dipping or rinsing your lady parts in cold water. Or sit on a cold, wet washcloth. It'll help minimize the irritation. I know it's a very uncomfortable thing you're going through.

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Jan 18th '08

iha that with my son n i took the pills but they didnt work for me i had to use the cream u should take the meds because its more a risk to have the bv then to take the meds to the baby but its ok to take them they prescribe them to me n my son is fine i was 6 weeks when i took them so it wil b ok

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Jan 18th '08

Well, ended up calling the pharmacist to make sure it's ok to take the metronidazole while only 6 weeks pregnant and all... she called the OB that took care of me, supposedly had a "long discussion" about it's risks and benefits, and they both think that it's fine, there really isn't any "valid/solid' proof that it causes any problems and didn't want to recommend the cream as I've had this "itchiness" for a while and the OB thinks I should try to get rid of it before it passes the placenta barrier. They quoted several government agencies like the CDC and others, so hopefully everything will be fine... If anyone has any success stories taking metronidazole to treat bacterial vaginitis/vaginiosis during their early pregnancies, please share them!! Thanks for all the replies.

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Apr 12th '09

Hi there im also preg and in early stages a lil over 8 weeks I am taking Metronidazole right now the seven day course 400mg twice daily although I am taking it I am so scared aomething is going to be wrong but the docter and midwife both told me i needed to treat it as have had it for too long and they say the beneifits out weigh the risks. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if things turned out or are lookin ok-Thrilled did you end up taking yours and is all ok???

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May 19th '09

I am 8 weeks pregnant too and I am concerned about the same thing! they just prescribed the Metronidazole to me as well. I have had no symptoms but they say I have has me so worried for my baby! Anyone else who has had this and has had no problems once their baby was born?? It would really help to reassure me... :(

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May 20th '09

What is BV?

Insanemum [TEAM PINK!] Due August 1 (girl); 2 kids; Australia 1684 posts
May 20th '09

had it twice, been treated twice, warning it can come back very easily. I was lucky/unlucky enough to have no symptoms so never knew I had it either time. It is very common and so far we have had no side effects from the treatment, which was oral antibiotics....

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May 20th '09

I have had this twice now. The first time was when I found out I was prego and they gave me a one time cream to use. I then thought I had it again at 28 weeks, so they gave me the Metronidazole cream to use twice a day, for 7 days. Turns out I didn't even need it as all my tests were negative. I would take it anyway just to be sure. The benefits out weigh the risks. Just make sure that you ask someone first. There is this one lady at the pharmacy that I go to, and every time I get something she always says negative crap. I would listen to the doc.

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Nov 29th '09

I know you have already had your baby by now but I just wanted to write this for other women that were worried about this medication and have to take it in their first trimester because when I had to take it all I wanted was someone to tell me that they took the same dosage/type during their first trimester and that their baby was perfect. Well, I am that person now. I had to take it when I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. My doc prescribed me the oral pill, 500mg, twice a day for 10 days. It was the most any doc can give you. I told the nurse (because they wouldn't let me see the doc) that I wouldn't take it because everything/one was telling me it was bad...even the pharmacist. They told me the risk of losing my pregnancy was far greater than the risk of it effecting my baby. I wasn't convinced until my mother in law who is a labor and delivery nurse for about 40 years and a midwife told me that she had BV with one of her babies, took the medication but it didn't work and she went into premature labor...about 3 months too early. My sister in law was born 1 pound and almost lost her life. The fact that I was given the biggest dosage in the strongest way was because my doctor didn't want to take a chance with the medication not working. So I took it. It still worries me when I think about it but my baby is perfect. She is 2 months now and she acts the exact same way that my first daughter did at that age. She is doing everything on time even earlier. She was able to ROLL OVER at 2 weeks of age. I have it on tape! :) Anyways, from what I can tell so far she is perfect. I just prayed every single time I put that medicine down my throat. I still wouldn't be confortable taking it and I don't even know if I would do it again but I was so scared of losing my baby because I had already had a miscarriage that I did take it. I am a mom that went through this and it turned out okay. I hope this helps you.