Can u tell baby's position by where you feel the hiccups? Laura & Gabby 1 child; California 1422 posts
Jan 16th '08

I am laura, and i am 33weeks. So before i used to feel my baby's hiccups by my pubic bone, wich made me assume her head was down, but lately i been feeling her hiccups on my left side, does that mean she is breech? or maybe she is so big now, that i feel her hiccups from her belly/back....i am confused and scared, i am 33 weeks, and although i know she could still change positions, i just dont want her to give me any surprises the day of my delivery....can anyone tell me where they usally feel the hiccups and if you know how your baby is positioned?

ArielLee4415 TTC since May 2017; 1 child; Inman, SC, United States 26120 posts
Jan 16th '08

I always felt hiccups in my pubic area and my baby was breech. I think maybe that's just the area where you're more prone to feel them. I wouldn't worry about the position unless your doc shows concern though :)

That Mik Girl 2 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 11497 posts
Jan 16th '08

the baby couldstill be head down. she could just have her back or tummy near ur side, thats why ur feeling them there now

Annslee'sMommy Arkansas 310 posts
Jan 16th '08

I always feel them at my pubic bone...I'm not sure what position she is in..hopefully the doctor will tell me tomorrow at my appt....:D

love,Lauren [mmm] 18 kids; San Antonio, Texas 4259 posts
Jan 16th '08

i always feel them on my sides or down low... and my baby is transverse breech. (c-section saturday) but you never know. she could still be head down and just kickin her lil feet whenever she hiccups. babys do some amazing stuff while they are in there!

Mama D. 18 kids; Georgia 8706 posts
Jan 16th '08

I always feel her hiccups in my sides and way down low.

mammab1203 1 child; West Virginia 1010 posts
Jan 16th '08

i feel her hiccups where her head is. She was breech until about 33 1/2 weeks and I felt her hiccups under the right side of my ribs; I could tell that she had turned head down when I was feeling hiccups between my pelvic bones. So, for me, Yes, I could tell the position by location of the hiccups. But I've got a small frame and started out a pretty small person, so (according to doc and nurses) I'll feel more going on than lots of other women. But to answer your question: YES, you can.... I can! :)

Amy! 2 kids; Bakersfield, California 7351 posts
Jan 16th '08

No, it doesn't mean your baby's breach. I always feel my son's hiccups either down low or on my right side from his butt and back shaking! My son is engaged too so I know he's head down :) If you're curious ask your doctor at your next appt and they should be able to feel to tell you what position your little one is in.

Laura & Gabby 1 child; California 1422 posts
Jan 24th '08

hopefully i could find out my baby's position next monday during my prenatal the mean time i 'm doing all the positions and exercises i learned in my prenatal classes to ensure the baby is in the anterior position :lol: