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Nov 18th '12

Is there a new thread since this one is full?

Simple.Kind.of.Life Due November 23; 3 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 16 posts
May 21st '13
Quoting Sir Levi's Mama:" ladies, I know alot of you are in CD groups on FB can you do me a favor? There is this chick, (the one ... [snip!] ... moderator of the CDF page to have her banned from there also. her FB page- "

She is on Ebay as SexyDeafie or something. She is a TOTAL scammer. I bought baBY WRAPS from her on Ebay and she charged me 24+ extra in shipping AFTER the auction ended. I reported her and won the dispute- and she claims to have refunded me, but she cancelled the refund, hoping I wouldn't notice and would tell ebay she sent the refund. STAY AWAY a quickl google search will show she is literally banned from all the diaper and baby wearing swap groups!

Dledesma United States 3 posts
Sep 16th

How can I purchase the flintstone diaper.