5 month old gettin fitted for helmet. Amber Rene(: 18 kids; Odessa, Texas 303 posts
Jan 29th '11

well my 5 month old girl has to go to therapy twice a week for tight muscles in her neck. on her right side. well her therapist scheduled an appointment for me to get her fitted for a helmet cuz she has a flat spot on her head. did any of you mom's have Lil one's that had to wear a helmet too and for how long? did they hate wearing it ? how did it work out for the baby ? her appointment is february 7th for her evaluation.

KarmenTheGreat *TTC* TTC since Nov 2007; 11 kids; Wisconsin 5286 posts
Jan 29th '11

one of my best friends little one had to wear a helmet when he was at home and it didn't bother him at all. good luck!!

MamaBear' Japan 1 posts
Jan 30th '13

Hi I'm currently joing through the same thing. My daughter is 5 months and is going to be fitted for a helmet as well . She has been seeing a neurologist and two kinds of therapists . The doctor thinks she could possibly have brain damage so he is going to be doing an MRI . It's a lot of stress going on especially because my baby is so young and I have a 16 month old son as well . I wish you the best and if you ever need to talk I'm here (:

penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7119 posts
Jan 31st '13

When I had my first son his pedi scared the living crap outta me telling me all the horror stories that come along with the flat spot. I was told if I was going to lay my son down to lay him on his belly except for sleep then put a very soft pillow under his head and once he woke up it was either back into the toy or back on his belly or cuddling. Having the flat spot can cause brain damage. my middle sons pedi told me that the flat spot comes with unfit parents who don't show their child any attention and just left them where ever. my LO now his dr told me the same thing my first son's pedi told me and told me as well to be very careful and if he starts showing signs of a stiff neck (only turn one way) that I needed to get him in to see her asap so we can figure stuff out. well I must be doing something right because none of my kids have any sort of flat spot. I've also heard of cases where the baby only had to wear a helmet for like a month and it was done!
Sorry you are going through this mama! Hope things get easier. and praying for your lil princess