Swagbucks? AliG(Aidans mommy) 1 child; Texas 10774 posts
Jan 20th '11

Ok so i have a couple of questions lol id figure id ask and see if other mommas who do SB know the answers.

Whats does TSG mean?
When someone post they got so many points for searching something i try and dont get anything. Then i see someone else post they got points for it? Is that normal? Lol
How do i get SB for searching i keep using the search engine and dont get anything.
Whats does Double, Triple, Quad mean?
What surveys or offers actually go through? I dont qualify after 4-6 minutes of doing one which is annoying lol.

Oh and if you cant tell im a little obsessed with this now haha

If your interested in joining id love your referral :)


Iron Hymen! 1 child; Washington 14532 posts
Jan 20th '11

TSG is The Swag Guy or The Swag Girl. Download the toolbar and there is a link to TSG and they give out codes every now and again. I'm not really hardcore into it, but you can usually get at least ten points a day by using the toolbar, visitinng the NOSO, visiting the survey section and doing the daily poll. I frequently get my search points for going back and forth between BG and FB.

Jess |Team Pink| 1 child; Arkansas 1873 posts
Jan 20th '11

tsg = the swag guy/gal

Just because one or two people win off of a certain search, doesnt mean EVERYONE does.. its just a lil fun people post on facebook to see what they win from. Totally normal.

Have you got the toolbar? instead of using the search as a search engine.. use the toolbar and search "Facebook" instead of using the addy bar for (use for all websites..) I usually win up to 3-4 times a day doing this.

doubles, triples, and quads are how many search wins people have gotten.

Surveys are difficult.. the survey companies are looking for certain ranges of people so if you ever do qualify, consider yourself lucky ...i usually dont

Iron Hymen! 1 child; Washington 14532 posts
Jan 20th '11
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