pregnant 10 months after a c-section ❤BLAZIAN❤MAMA❤ Due December 21; 2 kids; Colorado 3911 posts
Jan 8th '08

I had a c-section withson a year ago and im 3 months pregnant again. I conceived when he was 10 months. Im just wondering if theres any other mommys who got pregnant again a year or year in a half after a c-section? Im a little scard and worried b/c i heard the uterus ruputuring and everything...I dont know if the type of incision matters, i had a bikini incision when i had my c-section with my son.Im definitly going to talk to my midwife but i would like to hear what you all have to say as well

aloha_girl68 2 kids; Hawaii 115 posts
Jan 8th '08

My sister in law got pregnant around the same time spand as you and her 2nd pregnancy went well. Just like her first. I dont think its anything to worry about unless your doctor says anything. In most cases you will get anothe c-section for this pregnancy. And she also had the bikini cut too.

sarahbeth1899 4 kids; Missouri 249 posts
Jan 8th '08

I got pregnant when my son was about 14 month old. The doc doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Chances are I will have to have another c-section with this one also to avoid any problems that may arise. I am going to try and have a VBAC (vaginal after c-section) and if I don't progress after my 38 week check up then we are going to do a c-section at 39 weeks to avoid any rupturing. I know they say to wait a year before getting pregnant again but I didn't think I would get pregnant again. Knowing all I do about my personal c-section I am more afraid to have a natrual birth now. Kind of wierd but I would rather have a c-section again. Well hope this helps you.

Mama to a Booger-Eater 4 kids; Middletown, Ohio 9438 posts
Jan 8th '08

I read that you should wait at least 9 months after a c-section before you get pregnant again. I had one with my first and then when she was 8 or 9 months I found out I was pregnant again. I just had my 2nd child in June via c-section....and (stupid me) I'm now around 8 weeks pregnant with my 3rd! 10 months should be just fine....I didn't have any problems when I ws pregnant with my second....hope this makes you feel better...

Andi♥Gavin 1 child; Kentucky 1217 posts
Jan 8th '08

A friend of mine got preggo 6 months after having a c section, had a much larger baby the second time and everything went great. She also had the bikini incision. I am sure everything will be fine!

❤BLAZIAN❤MAMA❤ Due December 21; 2 kids; Colorado 3911 posts
Jan 8th '08

thanx ladies i feel a lot better now!:D

mommy-to-be again! 1 child; Texas 1 posts
Jan 8th '08

thats one thing i've been really scared about too...i got pregnant when my son was about 6 months, and my scars been hurting quite a bit lately, i asked the doctor, but he said its normal...i thought he might look at it...its alot darker and bigger than it was...i'm just scared about when i get further along...i'm only 4 months now...

lanca5000 3 kids; Tennessee 71 posts
Jan 8th '08

I got pregnant 15 months after my c-section.I haven' t had any problems with hurting or anything.I hope everything goes smoothly.

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Jan 8th '08

My best friend's kids are 14 months apart and were both c-sections. She was fine :) she just was not able to have a vbac.

Aimee Johnson United Kingdom 1 posts
Jul 18th '11

this is worrying to me to! i want to start trying for a baby in march as my son will be 14 months old but i really don't want another c-section as i am larger the healing can be a bit longer and with the chance of getting infections! i really want a naturally birth next time as i felt i missed out alot by having a c-section it was an emergency but only because i got to 3cm and stopped dilating but i was induced at 41 weeks and half i got told there shouldn't be any reason why i cant have a natural birth next time round but i don't want to have a rupture or a c-section :( x