best places to register? Fallon&AvaJade 1 child; Greenville, Texas 1367 posts
Jan 7th '08

just wondering, is it too early for me to start registering and planning for a baby shower? I will probably have one in early april. I am due June 1. And where are the best places to register???

*Berrrr Due November 19; 1 child; Ohio 2724 posts
Jan 7th '08

I don't think it's too early. My mom lectured me last night while shopping about getting registered at places....I'll probably have mine sometime in March...but I don't really know yet. Then my mom cried because I grew up and when I was 6 I promised that I wouldn' :D

Sorry, off topic. But I don't think it's too early. I am actually going to work on mine tonight I think!

J-BoOgz MaMi TTC since Dec 2009; 1 child; Bronx, New York 1090 posts
Jan 7th '08


*Berrrr Due November 19; 1 child; Ohio 2724 posts
Jan 7th '08

Forgot to add...I'm registering at Target definatly, but I'm not sure where else....

babygaga_mommy MD 2 kids; Oregon 69815 posts
Jan 7th '08

I would check with the Target store in your area about their return/exchange policy before taking the time to register.

There's a thread here some place and I forget where that talks about Target and how they suck when it comes to exchanges/returns.

Apparently if you have a gift receipt you can only return things up to 30 days from the date on the receipt.

Also, if you don't have the original or gift receipt then you can only exchange 2 items up to 20.00 and you have to give them your i.d. so they can track the amount of exchanges/returns that you do.

Doesn't matter if it was on your registry to begin with or not.

I did my registry at and then found out this information, so I'm changing it to Fred Meyer (if they have a baby registry option) and Babies R Us... I also thought about doing one at Wal Mart...which will probably happen if Fred Meyer doesn't have a registry option.

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
Jan 7th '08

Target and babies r us are good places. Both return policys are in my bio. Target is very easy to return as long as the item is on your registry and is shown bought.

mammab1203 1 child; West Virginia 1010 posts
Jan 7th '08
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Married467 2 kids; Hinesville, Georgia 527 posts
Jan 7th '08

I'm registered at Target, Walmart, and Babies R Us.

Amy &hearts Noah & Chloe 18 kids; Maricopa, Arizona 20455 posts
Jan 8th '08

babies r us has a "hassle free" return policy and it really is good. I've read alot on here that target's return policy SUCKS! so beware of that although i have no experience with it myself.

also babies r us has online registry too, and not to mention locations all throughout the US, i'd go with that!

♥MONiQUE♥ 1 child; Portland, Oregon 762 posts
Jan 8th '08

Target & Babys R Us is what i'm doing too!

Baby Gaga # 1 child; El Valle, Venezuela 17 posts
Jan 8th '08

Walmart and BabiesRUs. As others have mentioned, Target's return policy sucks! Warning: Don't get your hopes up on getting everything strictly from your registry. Most people won't even look at it. I spent my entire pregnancy perfecting my registries and ended up getting maybe 5items from them. Everyone just loves to buy baby clothes!

Daubsbabymomma 1 child; Minnesota 168 posts
Jan 8th '08
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Bullmastiff Mommy California 419 posts
Jan 9th '08

I registered at Babies- R- US and a boutique in my town. Target is HORRIBLE for returns. I would not recommend registering there. My friend did for her baby shower, she got a ton of duplicates and could not exchange it back. What a waste!

Smer's Moosie Fate 2 kids; Copiague, New York 45 posts
Jan 9th '08

i just had my shower and being registered is the BEST... you cant go wrong with the presents :).. i registered at babies r us... you can sign up online.. but if you go into the store to register... you get the free gift and they print out little cards to add to your shower invitations that makes it so much easier for ppl to get you a gift from that store....
the PLUS about it is that you can go to their site. and search for things to add to your registry.... the only hang up for me was that i kept forgetting that the password you enter is supposed to be in all caps.... that was my ONLY problem .. was remembering that... SO.. i would suggest going to babies r us ... and if you live in a place where a babies r us isnt close to you... then registering at target , walmart or k mart would be just as fine.... i just think you get better service at babies r us.... so yeah im a huge fan of them now :P...

Sirruh Due November 29; Illinois 3 posts
Aug 27th '10

Target Babies R Us Kohl's Walmart Sears Baby Depot. :)