ack.. rash on baby's arms and legs!! Oye Vey 2 kids; Georgia 19076 posts
Jan 7th '08

I noticed this weekend she had a few 'bumps' on her arms and legs but today it has spread all over her arms!

I don't know if there is an association with her vaccines that she had on Monday...

but it is freaky!!!

she has no feaver! she doesn't seem bothered by it!

anyone ever get this with their baby

(sorry for typing crappy. baby is on lap)

called her doctor, the nurse said "let me talk to her doctor..we will see what to do"

sorry to be rude (didn't say it lol) but hello, don't you think she should go in today? oh well, us mommies care a lot for our babies!

BG BREAK 17 kids; Colorado 20504 posts
Jan 7th '08

Could it be a heat rash?? Babies get those sometimes...they don't hurt them, just a lil itchy...I get them sometimes if i take a bath too warm,or sweating alot at night...behind my knees itchy and annoying, but not painful or anything.

***JEN*** 3 kids; Wisconsin 28817 posts
Jan 7th '08

Are the bumps red, or look like they have any sort of fluid in them?

Edited to add if she were to have a reaction to the vaccine the reaction probably would of taken place sooner rather than later, like a few minutes or hours after the vaccine.

Kailyn's Mama 20 kids; Rochester, New York 19490 posts
Jan 7th '08

I was gonna guess a heat rash too - Kailyn gets them pretty often. She is a sweaty baby!

Oye Vey 2 kids; Georgia 19076 posts
Jan 7th '08

I was thinking heat rash but she wasn't that warm last night. if anything she was chilly. I put the temp one degree higher last night. But still this has lasted since Thursday. I don't think heat rash could last THAT long...

they are red and some of them are sploches (sp??).

I have had heat rash once before..and it wasn't fun. I put alo on my skin and that went away. The nurse said to do nothing.

hopefully she can go in today to see her ped.

I hope the nurse calls back soon lol.

edit to say: she isn't scratching..doesn't seem bothered by them at all.
btw, I keep the temp at about 68-69 here..sometims at 71 or 72 because the windows are not sealed right and you can feel the cold air outside coming inside. Blame the builders.. ::sigh::

Kailyn's Mama 20 kids; Rochester, New York 19490 posts
Jan 7th '08

Kailyn is never bothered by her heat rashes either, and I dont put anything on it. I'm definitely no expert though! :) I would change her clothes and keep an eye on it - as long as its not "growing" or effecting her I wouldnt worry TOO much :) But her heat rashes do stick around for afew hours (as they gradually die off).

Have you changed your laundry detergent or lotions - anything like that could cause a rash too.

Hopefully the doc calls you back and squeezes you in soon! Its so hard NOT to worry!! Good luck! :)

Oye Vey 2 kids; Georgia 19076 posts
Jan 7th '08
Quoting Kailyn's Mama:
Oye Vey 2 kids; Georgia 19076 posts
Jan 7th '08

Nurse finally called and told me to take her in at 11:50AM


boo to the fact she just went to sleep for her nap. Oh well it is a 15 min drive (with traffic lol) I will get her up in a bit. she can sleep in the car lol

loggswife 1 child; Oregon 9126 posts
Jan 7th '08

it might be ezcema...just throwing that out there...she could have scratched it while she was sleeping which would cause it to look like its a spreading rash. if it is, its easy enough to treat. good luck!

sergelia1 Colorado 1 posts
Aug 26th '10

Hi there,

Did you ever figure out what your daugter had or how it may have went away? I have a nine month old son with the same exact problem. I don't know what it could be at all! worried! worried! I have took him to the doctor once before and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic to treat " A VIRUS" like they always say! She said he had swollen tonsils as well. But i'm not sure if it was just a way to make me happy and stop worrying. But the antibiotic is gone and the rash is still what????

Someone help.
I guess you can consider him being a sweaty baby as well though because everytime I lay him down for a nap he wakes up sweaty (no matter how warm or cool the room is).

i just want it to go away.