bloody baby miss_ashli88 1 child; New York 119 posts
Jan 4th '08

my baby just sneezed and there was lines of blood in his snot what dose taht mean? is something wrong? he has never had a bloody nose or anything it just dont seam right to me. tell me what that is about plzz

Noelles Mama Due November 29; 17 kids; Arizona 2434 posts
Jan 4th '08

Maybe a sinus infection?:?I mean when I get them thats what it means usually.

Or allergies?

*Wicked Mama* 3 kids; Olympia, Washington 16221 posts
Jan 4th '08

Well, for adults it can be caused from the dry winter air. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. Has he been sick?

Mama_llama 2 kids; ???, Pa, United States 3035 posts
Jan 4th '08

sometimes when the air is really dry i get that too... it's not really a bloody nose but i have some blood in my snot (haha sorry if that's TMI)

#1mom Nampa, Idaho 379 posts
Jan 4th '08

Sounds like his has a dry nasal passage. Try a humidifier in his room at night, it will probably clear right up. Unless it gets to being bloody a little blood in his snot isn't bad, it just means things are a bit dry. Hope that helps! :D

miss_ashli88 1 child; New York 119 posts
Jan 4th '08

yea he had a slight ear and sinus infection. duhh w didnt i think of that? lol that def has to be what that is from thanx every 1