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Jan 6th '11

i had the ultrasound yesterday and today they told me that one kidney is bigger than the other one. i read the paper and it said its a "slow marker" for down syndrome, what does that mean?
and im 24wks so its too late for DS testing
has anyone has this happened to their babies?
i go in at 30wks for another ultrasound and i dont want this 6wks to be filled with worry

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Jan 6th '11
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Jan 6th '11
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Jan 6th '11

Honestly, all kids grow at different rates, and just because your child has a marker for DS will in no way shape or form make that 100% until delivery day.

Read up on it, and do your research-- you can never have too much knowledge-- but don't stress. Even if your child does have a disability, you still love them, they are still with you and you will still be a great mom.

Next time I am not getting the testing done-- I know enough about DS that I know that I could learn to handle the disability within myself. if you can get to that point, the 6 weeks won't be filled with as much worry.

If you find yourself getting stressed out over it often, find someone to talk to, or do things that you know will always relax you.
(Mine is taking a 3 hour shower, haha.)

Good luck mama, and keep your head up.

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Jan 6th '11
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Jan 6th '11

They told me Em could have DS and I went in for a specific ultrasounds to check markers. She had 3 markers and that is what the dumb ass doctor stuck on. I finally asked him what the percentage of her having DS was and he said 1% maybe. I then asked him if her limbs and the skin at the back of her neck measured correctly and he said yes. He wanted to scare us b/c he was an a*****e. He then proceeded to act as if we were idiots for not wanting the amnio done. I told him plainly "She is our daughter whether she has DS or not, I will not take the risk of having an amnio done knowing I could potentially lose this baby. Thanks for your time, have a good day. " I never saw him again. She does not have DS but even if she did it wouldnt matter. She would still be my perfect sweet baby.

Dont worry yourself mama. There are many people who hear this and everything is fine. Just read up on DS and learn as much as you can about it. Children with DS are so, I dont know I cant explain it. They are lovely.

Most cases of Down syndrome are not inherited but Translocation Down syndrome can be inherited.

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Jan 6th '11

with my second child one kidney was bigger than the other at my 20 week ultrasound. They repeated the ultrasound 8 weeks later and it was fine. I was never told it was a possible down's sign.

Really just about everything is a possible down's sign. Since its a minor sign with no other clear evidence presenting to point you that way, I wouldn't worry too much about it. They will probably just watch your baby once its born to make sure it pees ok to rule out any kidney problems