Tshaw8524 Japan 1 posts
May 22nd '13

I just started giving my 3 year old Melatonin before bed, he was diagnosed with ADHD, and has a really hard time calming down to go to sleep. Since I don't personally agree with giving children pharmaceuticals His behavior analyst recommended Melatonin and since it was a natural chemical produced in our bodies I tried it and it worked great he always falls asleep with in 30 min of taking it and has no side affects.. I don't give it to him every night only when he needs it. I found keeping them active during the day helps them sleep at night, take them to the park for a few hours or play outside so they can expel their energy and they sleep a lot better at night. Also I limit his sugar in take they only get juice once a day the rest is water and milk, I even stopped giving him white bread only wheat etc. it seemed to help with his falling asleep issues.

lei11111 3 kids; Arizona 1 posts
Jul 25th '13

I have to start off by saying I have 3 with special needs and NEVER in my life have or would I give them melatonin ever if it was recommended by a Dr.
Fresh air, healthy diet, exercise and present parenting is what is needed. There are rough spots. Weeks, months years!!! that's parenting. I could go on about the insane needs of my children but I won't. Be well and good luck.

Paula Osborne Japan 1 posts
Sep 24th '13
Quoting Andrea Lea:" call me terrible, but how do you give a two year old melatonin? crush it up and put it in somthing? my ... [snip!] ... sleeps terrible at night...especially because we live in a hotel right now...and i would like to give it a try with her..."

They come in drops as well... 1 mg Melatonin liquid. I used them for my 3 yr old and it does great. Got it at walmart.

TrAva34 Japan 4 posts
Nov 23rd '13

I think giving as low a dose as possible, if still getting results, once in a while is okay. But 5 milligrams for a 5 year old is way too much!! He could probably take 0.5-1 mg and still sleep better. Sometimes doctors become numb to how high children are dosed. It's not always necessary. I think it's safer to start very low and gradually increase IF needed.

Joshlogan United States 1 posts
Dec 3rd '13

You decided to have a child regardless if it was planned or not. Having unprotected or even protected you engage in the risk and are excepting the fact that there is a possibility some where down the line.

so if you have a kid DEAL with it. Take turns sleeping at night parents. If you're not together then that's your fault.
no sort of medication is good. If you absolutely don't need it then don't give it to them. Just like any other drug 10years from now they'll say on commercials if your son or daughter has ever taken one of these drugs including melatonin and he or she now has some sort of disorder contact this number. That's a little extreme but who actually knows what goes in a drug? Did you make it? Are you certain? I know I didn't make it and I know I should believe everything on the internet right? Or written on the side of a little pill bottle.

takemeaway Due February 17 (girl); 2 kids; Kansas City, Mo, United States 1108 posts
Dec 4th '13

Quoting Mama D.:
My friend told me that she gives her son (5) a dose of 5mg of Melatonin every night before bed. She said it helps him sleep, that her pedi told her it was ok, and that its good for him. I read up on it, and it says it shouldn't be given to anyone under 18 because it can be habit forming.

What do you women think?
Would you give your kid that to help them sleep?

My daughter is a horrible sleeper, and my friend recommended I try giving my daughter 5mg of melatonin before bed at night. My husband said not to, and I agree with him if it's harmful.

Any kind of sleep aid is habit forming. If your having a hard time getting your daughter to sleep try cutting out naps and doing more stuff during the day!
If your child doesnt sleep that is just part of parenting. As much as it sucks at times you have to suck it up dont give your kiddo meds to make it easier on yourself