♥Cutie Patootie Virginia 3379 posts
Jan 1st '08

I wanted to stop by and give my condolences. I have never had the pleasure of conversing with Bethany nor did I know of her; however, from all the posts I've read about her, she seemed like she was the back bone of babygaga who offered advice and support to the women of this site. I even went as far as to search her in myspace. What I gathered from her profile, pictures, and comments was that she was a beautiful person and a great mother. It's tragedies like this one that reminds us that life is very short. We have to live it to the fullest for the loved ones we've lost. I will keep her and her four children, who were taken away all too soon, and her surviving family in my prayers.

tm11 TTC since Mar 2007; 50 kids; British Columbia 1121 posts
Jan 1st '08

Bethany - may you and your beautful angels rest in peace and may God be with your family right now.

nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Jan 1st '08

Whenever I asked a question about mommyhood or saw someone else ask one, Bethany was always quick to respond.
The thing was, she was always so straightforward. She never started out with "I think you should..." She'd say "do this" or "do that". At one point, when I was still fairly new to these boards, I wanted to ask her why she was so sure of everything; now mind you I didn't - more or less for fear of starting an argument.
I am so happy I didn't because soon after feeling that way I started talking to her. Once I heard how many kids she had and how methodically and amazingly she ran her family I realized hey this lady really knows what she's talking about. I think I got some of my best advice as well as some of my best laughs from the beautiful Bethany.
If you were acting like an idiot...well hey, she'd let ya know! If you can't spell pregnant; she'd be the first to tell you not to have a kid! (haha)
What at first intimidated me about Bethany, became what made me like her so much. <3<3<3

"We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love." ~Madame de Stael

......................... 34 kids; Tennessee 38820 posts
Jan 1st '08

Bethany was the kind of mother we all wanted to be like. She was made to be a mother. I loved her for being the breastfeeding, cloth diaper making super mom that she was. The last conversation I had with her on Gaga was about her wanting another baby...

It hurts my heart so much that she's gone.

meldee 1 child; Ohio 46 posts
Jan 1st '08

I pray for you and your family, Bethany. My heart goes out to aill of you. May you all rest in peace and may justice TRULY be served . :( :(:(

shawmama 34 kids; Vista, California 4082 posts
Jan 1st '08

You have been in my thoughts and prayers Griffin Family.

Bethany - I didn't know you that well, but it was always easy to see that you were an amazing mother and woman.

Rest in peace sweet angels.

MommyTooToo 2 kids; Beaver Dams, New York 213 posts
Jan 1st '08


So lay me down
In that open field out on the edge of town
And know my soul
Is where my momma always praye
That it would go
And if you

♥ Michelle &hearts Due November 14; 2 kids; Indiana 7281 posts
Jan 1st '08

Another day we're all thinking about you. Rip mama. Hope you & your babies are resting well with the man upstairs.

Cowgirl♥Up 1 child; Illinois 12563 posts
Jan 1st '08

I hope you and your family rest in peace. :(I am so sorry :(

This never should of happened to anyone.

AlyssaB* Kaydence and Kol 2 kids; Madison, Wisconsin 1897 posts
Jan 1st '08

OMG i have no idea what to say, Im at loss of words for her and her family. My eyes tear up as a picture of the details of the sean form in my mind and it brakes my hear, Rest in peace, Forever missed never forgotten, We love you

Rowanmayfairs TTC since Feb 2008; 1 child; Disney, Oklahoma 6663 posts
Jan 1st '08

I don't know anyone here but it breaks my heart to hear of such a tradegy that happened to Bethany. My heart really goes out to this :( I just can't put into words the feelings I need to express about the lose of this lady and her family.

sarahjames 2 kids; Cambridge, Ontario 2164 posts
Jan 1st '08

RIP Bethany and family. That is just not fair.

M'chenuh♥Teighlor 3 kids; Indiana 13332 posts
Jan 1st '08

I never really talked to Bethany, but I just wanted to say that this is just such a tragedy. :( She was such a nice woman, from what I read in her posts. RIP Bethany and her beautiful children.

Yotamama 2 kids; 2 angel babies; C, CA, United States 4951 posts
Jan 1st '08

Here are a couple ofpoems I found. RIP Griffen family.

Wings Of The Angels
by Tim Chambers
A gentle wind blew cross the land
Reaching out to take a hand
For on the winds the angels came
Calling out a mother's name.

Left behind, the children's tears
Loving memories of the years
Of joy and love, a life well spent
And now to God a mother's sent.

On angel's wings, a heavenly flight
The journey home, towards the light
To those who weep, a life is gone
But in God's love, 'tis but the dawn.

Silent Child
by Kelly Lancor

My silent child
our precious baby,
Close to my heart
I'll keep you with me.
An important job
God has for you,
There is love to give,
and work to do.

He needs an angel
strong but small,
To shine light on many
and give love to all.
Before you go
I give you this,
half my heart
and one last kiss.

We'll miss you dearly
that we know,
But by God you were
So to heaven, you must go

Benita 1 child; California 4112 posts
Jan 1st '08

Rest in peace Bethany and family ,you will be forever missed.You and your beautiful angels are in my thoughts and prayers.