My newborn baby has breast milk!!! Ms. Swan 2 kids; St Paul, Minnesota 11328 posts
Dec 16th '10

I was changing my 2 week old DD's onesie this morning when I noticed a large lump on one side! It's right underneath her areola and big surprise, she's got another much smaller one underneath her other areola. So I immediately called the doctor who is going to call me back, and then I consulted google to find this:

How strange! I must have some crazy overload in maternal hormones!

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Dec 16th '10

Lol. my newborn lactates a bit too.
She even bled like she had a period for just over a day.

.legendTAYry. 1 child; Hawaii 41570 posts
Dec 16th '10

Thats interesting.

The Great Mustachio Suck It, PO, Uzbekistan 9385 posts
Dec 16th '10

My son leaked breast milk for 3 weeks after he was born. My daughter didn't though.

Coopers Mommie509 1 child; Washington 421 posts
Dec 16th '10

its normal for that to happen.
my son had the lumps in his breasts!!!

18 kids; California 2334 posts
Dec 16th '10

My son had this. He did lactate. Totally normal.

New Chapter in Life 33 kids; 3656 posts
Dec 16th '10

my son did for a while. Its normal. They still have your hormones in them.

PJ&C 2 kids; Arizona 18480 posts
Dec 16th '10

my LO had the bumps.

nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Dec 16th '10

Mine did too lol

Zoe&Harper's Mom (Em) 2 kids; Alabama 16920 posts
Dec 16th '10

i believe that is normal, it has something to do with our hormones crossing over to the baby during birth. It just goes away.

Pillowpants is a SLUT Everett, Washington 61453 posts
Dec 16th '10

Very normal. Did you know some newborn girls actually have "period" like bleeding as well?

Ms. Swan 2 kids; St Paul, Minnesota 11328 posts
Dec 16th '10

Ha! How weird. I wonder if she'll end up with a mini period too! Ew hahaha

Lindie (blissed out) 2 kids; Australia 12462 posts
Dec 17th '10

Apparently my brothers had this.. It's pretty interesting!