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Can you tell if my sonogram pic is a boy or a girl? No boys allowed! Due April 3 (girl); 2 kids; Texas 161 posts
Nov 18th '10

Hi ladies, I am new to babygaga but so far I absolutely love it!

Ok so I have a question- I went at 19 weeks to find out boy or girl or my 3rd baby. The ultrasound tech was not very friendly and was in a hurry to get things done, she took a quick look, took a bad picture, and said it was a girl. I was not satisfied with the picture or her guess, I could not tell at all that it was a girl! Even when I went back to my dr after the ultrasound she said "I don't know how she says thats a girl, but alright". So I wanted to see what ya'll thought- do you think boy or girl, or can't tell? Answers would be greatly appreciated!!


B( o )( o )BS! 3 kids; Oregon 25900 posts
Nov 18th '10

Looks like a girl to me. Boys have a little "turtle"

She probably doesn't have to look as long as you do to figure it out, since she sees so many babies.

Rumple Foreskin 3 kids; Kentucky 47763 posts
Nov 18th '10

Looks like a girl to me. But the pic is shitty so who knows.

Blessedw6 Due September 12 (boy); 5 kids; Wisconsin 6357 posts
Nov 18th '10

I think it looks like a girl. You could go to and ask too, they are really good at guessing and have some ultrasound techs on there too.

♥ Crabigail's Mom 1 child; Tennessee 10841 posts
Nov 18th '10

looks like a girl to me!

Kendra Holderfield-Lane Due September 3 (boy); 2 kids; Indiana 1 posts
Nov 18th '10

I also think it looks like a girl.