Our baby betting pool! So fun! Mrs_Swankles 3 kids; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 619 posts
Dec 15th '07

We've been placing bets--yes, actually putting money on it. Lol! My family is pretty nutty, but I had to share this becauseit is so fun if you want to try it! We've created a baby pool for our friends and family and whoever is the closest at guessing the birth date, sex, and weightwins the pot. We made it so each vote is $5 bucks, and they can vote as many times as they want. Sooooo...

AND, I thought it would be fun (even though there is no money in it for you)to see who is the best guesser and I will create a new post when the baby is born anouncing the winner. If you want to play, just reply to this post with your best guess for my baby's birth date and weight.

Okay, here are your hints to help you guess:

Eight days ago Doc said I was dialated to 1cm, 60% effaced, and baby is at -1 station. I am 37 weeks and 3 days, due Jan 1st (think my date really should be Dec. 28 based on actual LMP and early ultrasound showed baby was four or five days bigger). My first child, who is 12, was 6lbs even and born on his due date. My second child, who is 5, was born 6 days early and weighed 7 lbs 5ozs. Oh yeah, and the Doc is going to strip my membranes on Thursday, the 20th.

Good luck! :D

~*~BECCA~*~ 20 kids; Hassall Grove, Australia 4323 posts
Dec 15th '07

I'm Guessing:

21st December weighing in at 7lbs 10oz.

goodiegirl 4 kids; Sparks, Nevada 6676 posts
Dec 15th '07

Dec 27th 6lbs 5 oz

**mommy-of-5** 5 kids; California 66 posts
Dec 16th '07

Dec 29th, 7lbs 8ozs

Jelly b**bs! Seattle, Washington 872 posts
Dec 16th '07

7lbs 8oz

Mrs_Swankles 3 kids; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 619 posts
Dec 16th '07
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