How many words should a 16 month old be able to say? ~Jekka~ Due April 24; TTC since Oct 2012; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Australia 9542 posts
Nov 10th '10

I was just reading through some old things, and I found a thing I wrote when my eldest was 11 months old. It just said everything she was doing, but it also said how many words she could say, at 11 months old she could say mum, dad, nan, pap (meaning pop), Bella (my parents cat), bottle, bub, bum, bah (meaning bath), no and pasta. So now I'm a little concerned. Was my eldest advanced for her age, or is my youngest behind for her age? My youngest is 16 months old, all she says is, mum, dad, bub, nan, sisis (for her sister) tat (meaning cat) and here (says it when she hands you things) At this age my eldest was saying sentences. My eldest knew what sounds certain animals made, she knew all her body parts. My youngest can point to her nose and eyes but that is it. No animal sounds or anything. Is this normal? I have no idea, my kids are so different from each other, I have no idea what is "normal" or what is cause for concern.

Viktorya 3 kids; Michigan 40087 posts
Nov 10th '10

Every child is different.

my son=happiness 1 child; Turkey 6234 posts
Nov 10th '10

You cant really say how many words should a 16 month old say because they are all different and start talking when they are ready, so do not worry about it

L and K's Mommy 2 kids; 2 angel babies; South Carolina 5732 posts
Nov 10th '10

My son is 16 months old and says about 10 words. It really is very different depending on the child

*Mellow* 3 kids; York, Pennsylvania 17689 posts
Nov 10th '10

They're each very different.

My girls were speaking full sentences by 16 months (just to use your age)....but my son didn't say more than 5 words until he was over 2. Now at 3 he won't shut up 8)