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Nov 1st '10

Well just looking for support and maybe stories and such posted this to my Due date thread and didnt get a single response even though i try to respond to everyones posts in there but w/e.

So my doctor called and i have to have another ultrasound on december 6th. I am now 22 weeks pregnant. Ava weighed 11 oz at my 20 week ultrasound. When i looked up the chart the average weight for that time was 10.58oz. So i knew she was on the smaller side but i didn't know what my doctor would want to do about it. The problem is that i had IUGR with my son, he weighed 5lbs 4oz at birth at 36 weeks but he was only measuring 32 weeks meaning he hadnt grown since then. So they induced my labor because with IUGR there is a risk of the baby being still born and they are better off on the outside. I am happy they are doing another ultrasound and will be monitoring it this time because we didnt know my son had it until i fell at 35 weeks 6 days and had an ultrasound to check the placenta and they found that he was too small i had only had one ultrasound at 20 weeks with him until right before he was born they did some to check his breathing etc.

So i have an appt tomorrow and will ask questions then, i am very scared and nervous. With IUGR your risk for c-section goes up.the baby has better chances of thriving on the outside rather than on the inside. I hope she grows a TON by my next ultrasound and everything is OK. I eat all day long literally so i dont get why my babies have a hard time growing, its really a scary thing to go through. I am just going to kick up my carbs and eat. Its hard i have the opposite problem pregnant woman normally have i CANT gain weight and seems like everyone else cant stop gaining weight. I have only gained 6.5lbs this pregnancy.


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Nov 1st '10
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Nov 1st '10

Just pray momma. I know its hard. But when ever I face difficulty with anything I feel like praying makes me feel better about it. Gives me a sense of peace. Just to get my feelings and worries out in the open to someone that is hopefully listening. =) Find someone you can talk to, thats in the same boat. I know your not the only one. Good luck momma. I'll pray for you both. I'm sure everything will be okay.

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Nov 1st '10

Hang in there mama at least it is a known issue that can be monitored.

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Nov 1st '10

TBH I really do not knowmuch about IUGR, all I know is extremely small babies. My advice to you is 1. By the time I was 22 weeks in all my pregnancies I was below my pre pregnancy weight so I really wouln't worry about YOUR weight and measurements. Hell half my neighbors didn't even know I was pregnant. I delivered at -2 pounds pre pregnancy so I say6 and a half pounds at 22 weeks is flipping awesome. 2. His weight imo is pretty good. At my 20 week anatomy scan all 3 of my babies were under 10 oz. My first was only 7 oz at hers. She was 6 pounds even at 37 weeks, second was 7 pounds 8 oz at 40 weeks and 3rd was 6 pounds 13 oz at 38 weeks. I wouldn't stress too much mama. If they haven't said anything I wouldn't worry right now.

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Nov 1st '10

I'm sorry, that must be so scary! I don't really know much about IUGR, but you said you're eating enough..maybe try consuming liquid Ensure drinks?

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Nov 1st '10

I had iugr with my twins and was delived by c-section at 32 weeks due to the iugr and pre-e. I don't think that you eating a ton more will have any effect on the baby gaining more weight. It all has to do with the placenta not poviding enough nutrients and oxygen to help the baby grow. When i was siagnosed with iugr i asked my dr. if there was anything i could do to eating or drinking more. He told me no ! I was having twins so my placenta wasn't producing enough nutrients for 2 what i was told.