Did your prenatal vitamins ever make you tired?? Savanna TTC since Aug 2007; Las Vegas, Nevada 8 posts
Dec 11th '07

When i satarted taking my prenatal vitamins i started felling relly tired. Is that normal?

Florida Mommy Due August 21 (girl); 1 child; Florida 1105 posts
Dec 11th '07

That's normal. They can also make you feel nauseous. My dr. suggested that I take them at night , that way I sleep any side effects off.

steph~haileysmama 17 kids; Georgia 550 posts
Dec 11th '07

Mine give me indigestion and I burp up some weird bacon or garlic taste. I take mine at night also right before I go to bed.

rndeat 2 kids; Alberta 243 posts
Dec 11th '07

Yeah mine make me so sick that I just end up throwing them up and can't do anything for 4-6 hours so I can't take them because I have a toddler to look after. I take Folic Acid instead and watch closely to what I eat.

capricorn007 34 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 725 posts
Dec 11th '07

They make me really tired and sick, so I take them at night before bed, and that seems to work for me. :)

Nancy Maldonado-Rodriguez TTC since Jul 2010; Richmond, California 1 posts
Aug 3rd '10

Thank God for this am not pregnant yet but my doctor recommened me taking some pre-natal vitims because we are ready to get pregnant, and I have been feeling really icky...come to find out these are side effects I've been feeling...