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    • Rainbow Love -- Votes: 6
    • Rasphberry Brown -- Votes: 15
    • Beige & Brown -- Votes: 8
    • Wine Burgundy & Dark Tan w/attached Scarf -- Votes: 5
Hat Poll! Angie Bear Due June 21 (boy); 17 kids; Deltona, Florida 5653 posts
Oct 29th '10

I want to buy a hat, but I'm having a hard time narrowing down my choices to just two 'cause they're all so beautiful! Which two hats you think I can definitely pull off?

Besides the pic of me in my avi, here's another one to get a better idea. Thanks! :)
5126080569_e8847bff8d_m.jpgRainbow Loveil_570xN.186530145.jpgRasphberry Brown
il_570xN.180271336.jpgBeige & Brownil_570xN.186320383.jpgWine Burgundy & Dark Tan w/attached Scarfil_570xN.124478866.jpg

mama erica. ; 3 kids; New York 60648 posts
Oct 29th '10

I love colorful, so I say Rainbow love.

Riley+3 Due June 5; 18 kids; Washington 638 posts
Oct 29th '10

I like the beige and brown. You can wear it with more outfits.

Laters Alligators Due September 22 (boy); 33 kids; 北屯區, Taiwan 14344 posts
Oct 29th '10
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Sahh Elizabeth 16 kids; Swansea, 251 posts
Oct 29th '10
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