Signing over guardianship ~Spartacus~ TTC since Dec 2012; 3 kids; Dayton, Texas 6665 posts
Oct 20th '10

isnt that just the same as giving up your parental rights? DH is going to sign guardianship papers over to his stepmom and his dad for his oldest daughter whose been living with them since she was 2. long story. shes now 10. wont he lose custody of her? i mean he got custody of her in the divorce she lived with him then he got remarried and some shit went down this his xwife and her grandparents took her in. even though she hasnt been living here he still has custody of her but wont he lose that when he signs these papers?

im kinda pissed really, hes given up on the idea of her ever livin with him again because shes so spoiled to her grandparents and he knows they will drag him to court and shit. idk its a really messed up ordeal but i am mad hes signing these papers. i feel like he has given up on her in a way. he does go and see her all the time i mean shes literally on the next block from us, but it just upsets me idk why.

Mandi 18 kids; New Mexico 16517 posts
Oct 20th '10

No, it isn't the same.

A friend of mine signed over guardianship of her 2 year old to her parents, while she's in a different state looking for a job. She just had to put on the documents that it was for X amount of time, and she would resume guardianship when she had a job and a place to live to support them both. It just gives them the ability to make decisions for the LO in the absence of a parent. It's not custodial, and it's not signing off parental rights.

Vanessa ♥ 1 child; Quincy, Massachusetts 27901 posts
Oct 20th '10

signing over guardianship and signing over rights are 2 different things. Guardianship allows the GPs to bring her to the drs w/out a parent, talk to the schools, stuff like that.

if you guys have children, why would he just leave her with them anyway? Spoiled or not, that is his child to take care of, not the GPs.

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Oct 20th '10

No, it's not the same as giving up his parental rights. He will still be allowed visitation, just like a separated mother/father. Of course, he'll likely have to pay child support, depending on what his parents decide to do.

MahmuhMahmuh 3 kids; Wichita, Kansas 6706 posts
Oct 20th '10

Giving someone guardianship is not the same as relinquishing parental rights. It merely gives that person the right to act as a legal guardian in the parent's absence. It can get tricky if the person who is given guardianship fights the biological parent over the child, but the parent will still have rights. It's best to make sure you document contact and support provided for this cihld though, or they can catch him with abandonment and try and terminate his parental rights that way in a lot of states.

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Oct 20th '10
Quoting Vanessa ♥:
jessicamatlock 1 child; Modesto, California 7622 posts
Oct 20th '10

My mom signed gaurdenship of me over when i was 15 so i could move to my grandparents... its so they could take me to the hospital and sign school documents and get information fom the school when i was 15... since it wasnt a fight to get me back (alot of stuff happened when i was 15 and my mom neeeded me to be moved to another city for saftey issues)

when it was done and i felt safe enough to come home papers were signed over

then theres cses like my sister's exs family took her to probate court.. she has custody of her girls but they have guardienship.. guardienship canceled out her custody..

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Oct 20th '10

No, it's not at all the same. My cousin had legal guardianship of a 3 year old little boy she intended to adopt but out of the blue, after 7 months the mother changed her mind. She came and got him only 3 days later.