Just wondering about uterus measuring large? Ammarie 2 kids; Pennsylvania 145 posts
Dec 6th '07

Ok, at my last ob app, they said my uterus was measuring 5wks bigger then I was supposed to be. Up until that app, it had been measuring normally. So they scheduled another ultrasound which will be next week (last app was the first app in like the last three that I didn't have an ultrasound). Now, I know this can mean that I can be having a big baby, or that I could be carrying twins (pretty sure I"m not cause they should have noticed on previous ultrasounds, but I have a heart shaped bicarnate uterus which means there are two horns. baby is in one ant the other has been completly concealed during pregnancy so there is a like 2% chance there is a hidden baby in the other horn).
But what else could it mean? I just saw a different post that was talking about a girl whose uterus measure four weeks ahead and they ended up making her due date four weeks earlier. Can that happen?
Anybody had their uterus measuring larger? If so why?
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anik 1 child; Ontario 140 posts
Dec 6th '07

I kinda went through the same thing in the beginning of my pregnancy. I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks, and there was one baby measuring according to my due date. At my next appointment the doc said that my uterus was measuring 4 weeks ahead, so he was wondering if they missed a twin. We waited a month to see if I would still measure big, and I did, so they did another ultrasound at 18 weeks (finding one baby that measured according to my due date).

Some babies just have random growth spurts, and some moms just measure bigger. Especially if it's not you first child your uterus can suddenly stretch alot faster than you expect it to. I still measure ahead at every appointment and am now 26 weeks, carrying one healthy baby boy.

Ammarie 2 kids; Pennsylvania 145 posts
Dec 6th '07

very glad to hear I'm not the only one. It just threw me because I was measuring normal up until the 25wk app. Then after reading those girls posts about them measuring large and having their due dates changed. I'm so not ready for baby. If due date gets moved up five weeks it would really be seven because of medical reasons they have to do c-section at 37 weeks. I was like omg, I cannot have baby that soon. So not ready. lol

wuvable24 1 child; North Carolina 62 posts
Dec 6th '07

Don't worry about measuring big. My doctors told me that it could be a few things 1. Big Baby 2. Baby is in the breech position or 3. excessive aminoic fluid. I went through the ultrasound and in my case I'm just having a big baby. At 34 weeks my daughter is already weighing 6lbs give or a take a pound. I asked them if it could be due to the wrong due date and my doctor sound he not going to say it's not possible but in most cases the earlier ultrasounds are more accurate on due dates. Hang in there and best of luck, I'm sure eveyrthing is fine :)

Emily Johnson Florida 2 posts
Jul 3rd '10

At my 20wk check up my utures was measuring 2 weeks ahead. The doctor never said anything else about it. Hoping at my 24 wk app. everything is right. Also I have a huge belly for only being 22wks i know for a fact im having one baby maybe she is just big

Theresa Strong Due December 15; Wisconsin 1 posts
Aug 22nd '11

I was SO glad to read all your replies. This is my 3rd (our sixth together) and I am measuring 7cm bigger which has never happened before. At my first ultrasound the baby and my amniotic fluid measured exactly right on. It was good to read other mom's can have a big growth spurt too! I have another ultrasound next week just to make sure everything is still right on.