Keliza 1 child; Texas 571 posts
Oct 1st '11

snagged a few thanks

Autumn's mommy2011 Due May 12 (girl); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Minnesota 797 posts
Oct 2nd '11

i snagged a few too and thank you

MOMBiE; Chloe's Mama~ 1 child; Spencer, Massachusetts 11838 posts
Oct 7th '11

used one, thanks

Life is G♡♡d 21 kids; 16468 posts
Oct 21st '11

bumping for halloween :D

Miss GlowWorm +3 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Tennessee 2494 posts
Oct 26th '11
Quoting JAYDENS MOMMY :):" i need help! i have the advanced features but im not sure how to add the background."

:!: Kinda the same here i have the feature unlocked, and HAD a layout but i took it off and cant remember how to put a new one on.
Help please? I'd really like one.