Delivering a deceased fetus I need information please ━☆★BRi Due May 2; 1 child; Holbrook, New York 1554 posts
Oct 6th '10

My cousin was due December 18th. Today at her appointment they couldn't find the heartbeat. I'm here at the hospital with her and my family. I need help from those of you who have been through this please. I'm not sure how they will induce her. Will she have an option to have a c section? The doctor hasn't explained exactly what will happen so I'm reaching out to you ladies. I'm kind of at a loss, I cant imagine being in this position. She seems okay for now likes she's trying to block it out. TIA

D+S+G= ♥ 1 child; Alaska 29971 posts
Oct 6th '10

I havent experienced this but my thoughts are with her & the family.

Beautifulsoul 1 child; Texas 1229 posts
Oct 6th '10

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.:Mary:. 2 kids; Chino, CA, United States 15306 posts
Oct 6th '10

Im not sure, but I just wanted to say Im sorry.

♥Danielle+3♥ 3 kids; Oregon 52371 posts
Oct 6th '10

my heart breaks for her :cry:

i don't think they'll do an elective c-section though. Probably just try and induce her would be my guess. I'm so sorry for your family's loss!

Mommy To Lexyss & Kyleigh 34 kids; Colorado 43085 posts
Oct 6th '10
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Mysticalnymph[PLM] 6 kids; Shenandoah, Virginia 482 posts
Oct 6th '10

my best friend lost a baby a 25 weeks (cord problem) and they induced her..we were due the same day...i felt so bad for her...but it ended up helping me to realize there was a problem with my son later at 34 weeks and he stoped moving, because of her i was able to get to the hospital and he was saved

Jagged b***h 14 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 14928 posts
Oct 6th '10

My heart breaks for her, I am pretty sure they will induce unless she doesn't go on her own then they might do a csection

*Amanda Jane* 2 kids; Riverton, Utah 1008 posts
Oct 6th '10

I have known 2 different ladies that had to deliver still born... both of them were givin pitocin just like a normal delivery.
Thoughts and prayers are with you (her) and your family!

BabyPugh Due April 11; 1 child; Texas 539 posts
Oct 6th '10

I have heard of ppl having to wait to be induced its a horrible situation and my heart goes out to you, her and your family thats gotta be tough! but I have read stories on here where they have to be induced and give birth as if the baby was still alive....ppl take pictures of their babies and everything even tho they arent there anymore! Im so sorry to hear that!

.|.. Beverly Hills, California 72000 posts
Oct 6th '10

I'm so sorry for her, you, and your families loss. My prayers will be with her.

Amy {OneGirl, TwoBoys} 3 kids; Cincinnati, Oh, United States 24257 posts
Oct 6th '10

my friend lost her baby at 20 weeks. they put her through an induction, vaginal birth, everything.

i'm sorry for her loss :(

Tikaytasha 17 kids; New York 11503 posts
Oct 6th '10

ive known someone who went through this , and they induced her and let her deliver naturally. my thoughts and prayers are with her and the family <3

*Mrs Cherry* 21 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 10450 posts
Oct 6th '10

I was 35 weeks when my baby passed. I was having a little bit of back labor already so they just hooked my up to a pitocin drip to help make the contractions more regular. I delivered him vaginally.
They will ideally induce her labor much like any other delivery. C-sections are normally a last resort.
My thoughts are with her. I know it is a hard place to be in. I kind of coped with it until I delivered him by being in denial about what was happening. We did have him buried and had a small service for him afterward. Many cemeteries have special arrangements for stillborn and infant burial. We were lucky to find one that provided a plot for free.

TTC#3Hoping for a girl! TTC since Apr 2013; 50 kids; Metairie, Louisiana 854 posts
Oct 6th '10

I'm so sorry my heart is aching for all will be in my thoughts and prayers.