Tthe laptop could harm your baby during pregnancy I-Love-baby-gaga Kuwait, Kuwait 45 posts
Nov 29th '07

I read many articles about using the laptop during pregnancy, it said that it is harmfull-specially if you put it on your belly. It might affect the baby because of it's radiation.
Do anyone of you knows for sure the accuracy of this topis??
Kindly share it with us.

john casey (mtka) 3 kids; Bradley, Illinois 21994 posts
Nov 29th '07

well i have used a laptop the whole time, never on my belly but on the arm of my couch and my twins are doing realllllllllllyyyy well. maybe it makes big babies. or it gives you twins.... hmmmm maybe it wasn't my husbands falt. :shock:

Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
Nov 29th '07

Been using a laptop my whole pregnancy.
My son is healthy :)

whitneyy Michigan 62 posts
Nov 29th '07

my sister used a laptop through her whole pregnancy
& her baby came out completely healthy & beautiful.

meeeeeeeeee Egypt 47430 posts
Nov 29th '07

i have sat with my laptop on my belly a few times and have had not complications and in my ultrasounds everything is perfect...
and i have never heard anything of this topic... but thats weird.:?

Momma_x3 3 kids; Pennsylvania 1221 posts
Nov 29th '07

Using my laptop throughout all three pregnancies.....both kids are fine, and baby is doing well. I think this ranks right up there with cell phone usage can lead to brain cancer / tumors.

BrittanieY 18 kids; South Carolina 16634 posts
Nov 29th '07

Where did you read them? Can you link the articles?

Jenn, Kyra & Kayden 34 kids; Yorkton, Saskatchewan 1955 posts
Nov 29th '07

This is what I read on

Question: Are laptops safe to use in pregnancy?

Answer: According to current scientific knowledge, using a laptop computer on your lap will not harm your baby - but do read on! For over two decades, people have worried about the possible adverse effects of visual display units (monitors or VDUs) on pregnancy. A number of research projects involving animals suggested that the emissions (x-rays, ultraviolet rays, microwaves, radio waves and so on) from these units might contribute to miscarriage. Experts also questioned whether prolonged, daily use might cause other problems in pregnancy, such as reduced foetal growth and preterm labour. The results of all relevant studies were recently analysed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, who concluded that none of these fears (including the question of miscarriage) are borne out by research evidence. It is also worth noting that early worries about VDUs concerned old-style units powered by cathode ray tubes (as in conventional TV sets). Technology has now moved on, and the screens on most modern laptops use liquid crystal display technology rather than cathode ray tubes. Emissions from these displays are much lower than from older VDUs. All VDUs manufactured or on sale in the UK now conform to various national and international standards controlling emission levels.

Answer provided by Hannah Hulme Hunter

Mama_llama 2 kids; ???, Pa, United States 3035 posts
Nov 29th '07
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I-Love-baby-gaga Kuwait, Kuwait 45 posts
Nov 29th '07

Thank you ladies :) but still we have to make sure.

I-Love-baby-gaga Kuwait, Kuwait 45 posts
Nov 29th '07
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Holley Elder Due October 24; Japan 2 posts
Jun 20th '12

ctually when i use mine on my lap/belly or anywhere near me my son kicks like crazy like every 3 seconds so either hes dancing to the music (that i only play sometimes) Or its hurting himm or making him uncomfortable possibly over heating him or making him too hot! i wouldnt do it to be safe or keep it up on a desk above your belly