bulging bag of waters? alexis c. Missouri 145 posts
Nov 28th '07

Sooo today my doc told me I was 2cm dilated and my bag of waters is bulging. I know ppl walk around forever being dilated sometimes, but what about the bag of waters bulging?

hopefullly labor is soooooooooonnnnnnnnn. lol

Krissy Marissy 3 kids; California 2991 posts
Nov 28th '07

It might be. Babies can keep you guessing and you can stay dialated for weeks. Best of luck to you. *labor dust*

jackieliz Due August 14; 2 kids; Texas 592 posts
Nov 28th '07

I think it means the babies head is coming down, or trying to?

john casey (mtka) 3 kids; Bradley, Illinois 21994 posts
Nov 28th '07

big bag or labor dust!!!! the bag buldging can also mean your water will break soon. baby is pushing and that bag is wanting to break.

MissMarci 1 child; Texas 906 posts
Nov 28th '07

LOL! HAVE SEX! Maybe he will unknowingly "break the bulge"!

Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
Nov 28th '07

walk, walk, walk & have sex!!
Good luck!

alexis c. Missouri 145 posts
Nov 28th '07
Quoting MissMarci: