Burning/Stinging on top of my belly (37 Wks) Crystal P Wife & Mama 1 child; Saint Paul, Minnesota 1615 posts
Sep 25th '10

Okay so I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have noticed this burning/stinging sensation in a certain spot on my stomach about the size of a golf ball in area.

When I touch or rub the spot, or if my shirt happens to rub it, it stings and on top of that, the baby moves. I'm wondering two things.

1. WTF is this spot and why does it sting like this?
2. Does it hurt the baby too?

I can't exactly explain the sensation besides literally a burning/stinging. It's like I have a brutal burn or sunburn...

I hope this makes sense to someone...

Piddlee Due January 10 (girl); 2 kids; California 1 posts
Sep 25th '10

I have heard of on the top of ur stomach..but I never have had it.

Muh-ri-ah 2 kids; USA 121 posts
Sep 25th '10
Quoting 13FWife-Mom2SophiaAnnalie:
Mama Rogers 2 kids; Georgia 15187 posts
Sep 25th '10

I had that occasionally. It's no biggie. Its from your skin stretching and/or baby laying on a nerve according to my OB.

** ** ** ** 2 kids; Nebraska 362 posts
Sep 25th '10

I get it a stinging burning sensation sometimes it almost feels like the top of my stomach falls asleep or something I think he is just sitting funny but idk and I keep forgetting to ask my doctor..

Crystal P Wife & Mama 1 child; Saint Paul, Minnesota 1615 posts
Sep 25th '10


Ladies that is exactly what I'm experiencing. I would've figured that I'd have some relief since she's head down and ready to come out soon but she is so long that the way she's laying, her bottom is literally under my b**bs so it's hard to do much these days without losing my breath.

I only just noticed this sensation the past couple of days so I haven't been too worried about it, but when I pushed on it (like an idiot cause it's painful lol) she it intrigued me that's for sure.

sturnbull Due June 16; Australia 2 posts
Apr 15th '11

i have the exact same problem its crazy it hurts and then if i rub it or if my shirt skims accross it it stings i have no idea what it is ive had it with both my pregnancys so im guessing it must be normal lol :)