Hard Nipples All The Time? Lilly & Lottie's Mom 2 kids; Massachusetts 908 posts
Sep 24th '10

Anyone else get this? My nipples are hard, constantly! I can't stand it, even shows through my shirts when my bra is on.

I'm assuming it's from increased blood flow to the breasts, but still! It's obnoxious!

2 under 2 [GME] 18 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 22559 posts
Sep 24th '10

put bandaids over them. That should minimize it at least.

user banned TTA since Sep 2007; 1 child; Kansas 16909 posts
Sep 24th '10

or use breastfeeding pads...they work great:)

Tasmanian devils mother Due June 2; 2 kids; Texas 833 posts
Sep 24th '10

lol, this is me too!!! My mom makes fun of me all the time!

Theresa Gatti Due October 5; Japan 1 posts
Apr 27th '13

Omg i have hard nipples too and they r killing me and im only in my 17th week of pregnancy.