39 weeks on Monday, STILL no progress ~ MommyMoments~ 1 child; Maryland 1876 posts
Nov 16th '07

I will be 39 weeks on Monday and she is still snug as a bug :( Doctor says that she weighs around 7 pounds. I am just not progressing at all. I have occasional braxton hicks but nothing else. I'm not even dilated. To make me feel better, he scheduled me for an u/s next week (my 3rd) so hopefully we can start talking induction SOON! Please send truckloads of LABOR DUST ladies! Thanks!!!!

Mommy2TwoBabies 1 child; California 148 posts
Nov 16th '07

You poor thing I am sorry! ***Labor dust***

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Nov 16th '07
Quoting new_mommy313:
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Nov 16th '07

Would you mind waiting it out? The reason I ask is b/c the same thing happened to me and I was induced (0% dialated and 0% effaced) which led to a VERY long 2 DAY delivery, and, I ended up having a C-Section after all that! If your baby isn'tin any harm and your fluid levels are okay, my opinion would be to wait. Anyway, good luck!!

*****************LOTS OF LABOR DUST*********************

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Nov 16th '07

She is head down - THANK GOD! But she is still sitting high. I have been walking but it's not helping. And my hubby will not have sex with me :(
I would like to start labor naturally and I definitely don't want a c-section but it's hard not to be anxious at this point. I will try my best.

Thanks for the labor dust ladies and good luck to all who are in the same boat!

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Nov 16th '07

Go and get a pedicure!!! :P

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Nov 16th '07

**Labor Dust** andlots of it!!!

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Nov 16th '07

Labor dust to you!! with both of my girls, i was a week over due...not trying to get you down or anything, just saying that it's normal for them to not come early or not want to come out at all lol. hope that you have this little one in a few days, i know it's the hardest right there in the last few weeks!