Baby's head hitting cervix? Brittney+4 ♥ Due March 23 (boy); 3 kids; Iowa 118 posts
Aug 26th '10

I went to the doctor Friday because I had some pinkish/brown discharge and was concerned. They did an ultrasound and everything is fine but the baby's head is down and hitting my cervix causing irritation. The ultrasound showed me due at September 29th instead of October 9th and baby was 5 pounds 3 oz. My mom went into labor with me at 36 weeks and both my little brothers at 37-38. Today I had a f/u appt and he said I was having a contraction when he was trying to measure my tummy and I didnt even know it! I am 34 weeks by due date or 35 by ultrasound from last Friday. I was just wondering if anyone had anything similar to this and how far along they were when they ended up actually going into labor.

I am the Walrus Texas 9194 posts
Aug 26th '10
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