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Leaving baby in car Taryn - Anya's mommy 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Toronto, Ontario 49464 posts
Aug 25th '10

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There was a story here just about a week ago, about a Canadian family that was down in Texas visiting family, they had 2 kids, one of them has autism, and they have to keep the same routine with the autistic kid or he freaks for hours. So they came back to their family's house, only the Dad was out with the kids, he got the autistic child out of the car, and went about the routine. He thought someone else would go out and get the 2 yr old out of the car, well no one did and the 2 yr old ended up overheating and died. I was talking to my husband about this, and he doesn't think they should be charged, because everyone makes mistakes, and I totally disagree with him. His argument was everyone knew they had to do the same routine with the autistic kid, and that someone else should have went out and gotten the other child, but I guess the story says that everyone else thought someone else got the kid.
My argument is that okay everyone knew, but instead of assuming that everyone else got the kid, why the f**k don't you make sure someone got the kid, so I think they should be charged.

I just wanted to see everyone's opinion on this, and remember this is D&D

Taryn - Anya's mommy 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Toronto, Ontario 49464 posts
Aug 25th '10
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user banned 1 child; , 52185 posts
Aug 25th '10

I think they should be charged, that's terrible

Heather :] 2 kids; California 9598 posts
Aug 25th '10

He shouldn't have "expected" someone to get the kid. He should have told someone to get the kid if he couldn't.

user banned 4 kids; Texas 18242 posts
Aug 25th '10

I don't think they should be charged. People forget, people make mistakes. Sadly this mistake cost a family their child.

Don't you think that's punishment enough?
What danger are these people to society?

.Solange. 1 child; Montreal, 5566 posts
Aug 25th '10
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~*~Rose~*~ 3 kids; Florida 24012 posts
Aug 25th '10

Is there a charge for being a lazy parent????

DJ's Mommy ♥ {MFH} Due November 9; 1 child; Fairfield, California 5898 posts
Aug 25th '10

the charge is normally involintary mansloughter.

But I think they should be charged regardless of what was going on with one kid you should ALWAYS know where ALL of your kids are at any giving time. The 2 year old is not going to overheat and die with in 15 minutes (a reasonable amount of time in my mind to think hey where's my kid?)

BG BREAK 17 kids; Colorado 20504 posts
Aug 25th '10
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Mommy Melissa ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 1 posts
Aug 25th '10

That is a hard situation. The father should have gone in the house and made sure someone went back out for the baby. Sometimes when I go to my moms my daughter will pass out in the car, they live in the country and I unroll the windows and let her sleep. But I don't even go in the house, if I have to pee I ask someone to watch the car. I couldn't imagine going in the house and leaving my kid. I can't imagine forgetting she was there. I don't know.

Sheena Mac 2 kids; New York 4762 posts
Aug 25th '10

I'd need read more in depth to make a decision. How long was the other child left in car?

user banned 4 kids; Minnesota 9635 posts
Aug 25th '10
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Kaiden n Camryns Mommy Due October 9; 2 kids; Loves Park, Illinois 753 posts
Aug 25th '10

He should have told someone to get him out of the car or asked if anyone had. Yes everyone makes mistakes but that mistake took a life.

*:i ♥ My 4 GiRLz:* Due October 5 (girl); 3 kids; Los Angeles, California 2049 posts
Aug 25th '10

wow...that sucks that one child takes up all the attention that you completely forget about the other..or just ASSUME that someone else will get him ...its sad and im kinda on the borderline with this was irresponsible from all sides