l.e.o.n.e. somewhere hot in, SC, United States 8141 posts
Nov 16th '10

So I just read this, because your profile was featured, and girl my heart breaks for you. But you did what was best. Had that little sweetheart been born with Down's not only would he have a completely abnormal life, but the stress and hardships it would put on both himself and you are tremendous.
Don't think for a minute that what you did was wrong. He felt no pain and he is an angel now.
Bless you girl, and good luck with your twins!

XoeOwns♥ 17 kids; Alabama 3616 posts
Nov 17th '10

You are such a strong person. I cried harder than I have cried in a long time from reading this. I also had a d & c and I know how hard it is. The littlest things bring back memories I try to hide in the back of my head. I just know when the sunshine is hitting my back, my baby is the warmth from it, shining down from the heavens on me <3

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4425 posts
Nov 17th '10

I don't check this thread very often ladies because it always makes me cry reading all of your responses.. But thankyou to you all for your kind words.. I'm always so surprised that so many people think we made the right decision or at least don't judge us for the one we made..
At the moment we have been told the twins are also high risk for down syndrome.. Though nothing as bad as little bean.. Our risk is 1/147.. So we are just trying to decide if we will have an amnio.. The dr said the babies look great though they are kicking and moving around heaps I can already feel them! So eitherway I know we will be okay.. It's just so horrible that we are put into this situation again.. But I do know we will get through it together..

♡Proud Mommy & Wife Due February 14 (girl); 17 kids; Florida 1 posts
Nov 29th '10

My heart goes out to your family and esp. your little angel baby boy...may god bless u and ur twins!!! omg my hearts goes out to u in every way!! i'm very sorryy for ur loss!! :(

Happily expecting #3 3 kids; Los Angeles, California 1 posts
Nov 29th '10

Hi I just finished reading ur incredible story Im 15 weeks pregnant & reading ur story brought real tears in my eyes I mean even my kids came up to me & asked if I was OK. All I wanted to say was that you are a really stong woman and I admire your strength your family & ur son are In my prayers!

Alex && Ryder TTC since Jan 2011; 1 child; Logan, Utah 14 posts
Nov 29th '10

Bless her little bean, he was too special for this earth, which makes him the most special in heaven. Keep him safe,
In Jesus name, Amen.

mommy2thing1&thing2 Due November 11 (girl); 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 3064 posts
Nov 29th '10

Your story has me in tears.....but u did the right thing for u and your baby. Good luck with your twins

Ashley ♥ Annette 17 kids; Richmond, Texas 1989 posts
Nov 29th '10
Quoting Jenna (15 weeks with twin:
Tayler & Alesana 17 kids; East Liverpool, Ohio 746 posts
Nov 30th '10

i would have done the samething.. god bless you & twin sons:)

bunny love.... Due December 8 (girl); 18 kids; Lake Stevens, Washington 758 posts
Dec 1st '10

I am just crying my eyes out in the living room . My heart goes out to you. that must have been the hardest decision I can imagine. I am so sorry for what happened and I think and pray for you little man. I pray for a healthy delivery and babies!

Beffy Boo Bear Due December 24 (girl); 17 kids; Battle Mountain, Nevada 200 posts
Dec 1st '10

wow that made me cry!
i am soooo very sorry for you! i cant imagine what you did and are going through. i cant say i know what i'd do in that situation. you are one strong woman and i admire you for that! there's nothing bad to say about you. not one single thing. keep your chin up. your lil man knows you love him and he is in heaven now, a perfect lil angel =]

Jason's Girl 4 kids; Nevada 900 posts
Dec 1st '10

Well your little bean is Bigger Hands now!! The Hands of God looking over you every day!! It's a decision I dont think anyone could say for sure how they'd make it unless it happened to them!! On a Brighter note Congratulations on your Twin Boys! May God Bless the Four of you in all You do!!

Dawn Cox Due July 15; 1 child; USA 2 posts
Dec 2nd '10
Quoting Jenna (15 weeks with twin:
Autumn13 Due May 13 (girl); 3 kids; Michigan 1 posts
Dec 10th '10

I just have to say that you are a very strong woman. Not many women can say they would have made the same decision for selfish reasons. I feel for you!! Just think, even though your husband wanted a boy more than anything, now your son in heaven has given you 2 more very precious sons. It's a sign from above that you made the right choice. And even though it will be the hardest thing you had to do at the time, it was right. Hope all is well with your twins. And I'm due the day before you. I find out in a few days what I'm having. :)

yarelisx3 Due May 19 (boy); 2 kids; Rhode Island 6 posts
Dec 10th '10

That story put tears in my eyes, my prayers go out to you and your family. I wouldn't know what i would do if i was in that situation, your a very strong woman and i admire you for that. Keep your head up because in my opinion you made the right decision i wouldn't want my little angel to go through that pain and suffering.