user banned Virginia 25418 posts
Sep 24th '10

This is a beautiful story momma.
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little boy.

Your twins are certainly going to have an amazing big brother watching over them.

Big's Momma. :) 1 child; Wahiawā, Hawaii 2922 posts
Sep 29th '10
Quoting Jenna (6 weeks with twins:
lizzie +2 2 kids; North Carolina 137 posts
Sep 30th '10

Oh my. Im very sorry this happened to you. I would have done the samething if I was in that position. Well hopefully your pregnancy now goes good and you have two healthy babies. (:

Creeper*IAAL* 1 child; Illinois 8320 posts
Oct 4th '10

You a strong, and courageous mother and I believe you made the right decision for your son. I am so sorry that you even had to make that decision, but like you said, at least he isn't in pain anymore. My prayers go with you, your husband, and your son. and I wish you much luck with this pregnancy.

Aliyah'sMommy 1 child; Texas 17 posts
Oct 5th '10

Wow..that make me tear up :(
I would be broken, but you seem to be a very strong woman to have gone through that. Prayers to you & your family (especially your soon to be twins)

K+S=G&R 2 kids; Indiana 3370 posts
Oct 6th '10

Im really sorry to hear that! I couldnt even imagine! :( you made the right decisoin dont let no1 tell you different!

Lily'sMama♥ 2 kids; Mississauga, Ontario 7928 posts
Oct 12th '10

Im so sorry mama :(
That must have been so hard, I admire you for being so strong.
I would have made the same decision as you.

Amelia's Mummy 1 child; United Kingdom 1776 posts
Oct 12th '10

I was so sorry to read your story, you must have been in such pain emotionally...
I'll send prayers to your little man and my thoughts are with you and your family. RIP little one

user banned Due November 7 (boy); 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 26853 posts
Oct 17th '10

Came across your profile, read your story. First of ask congrats on the twins! To be honest I would have made the same decision as you. You'll be a great mom to the twins, and as for your son, you already thought about him before yourself ;)

Wendy :] 2 kids; Hanover, Indiana 656 posts
Oct 17th '10

Wow. I am so sorry mama! That's terrible to have to go through. I am so sorry for your loss. If you ever need to talk, i am here.

X'ahvins' Mommy♥ 17 kids; Texas 56 posts
Nov 4th '10

momma...there is nothing wrong about your decision. I know how you feel for i to had to make a decision like that. Our children are truely in a better place!! *hugs*

Trace's Mommy (2.11.11) 1 child; Florida 2282 posts
Nov 4th '10

I read this story and I was crying the whole entire time! I am so sorry for your loss! Your baby will always be apart of you and the decision you made wasn't any easy one, but you were doing what was right for him. He is up in Heaven keeping you safe, and he probably gifted you with twins!

MommyRoxy 33 kids; Clearwater, Florida 5609 posts
Nov 8th '10

Wow that's just wow. God bless you,

Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 3 kids; Kentucky 19292 posts
Nov 16th '10

wow i had to stop reading so many times because i feel for you guys sooo much.i am so sorry that you had to go through this and i am 100% that you made the right decision. i am 13 weeks right now and have been having a rough pregnancy but after reading your post i will never think i have it bad again.

on the other hand congrats on your twins!! you are a week ahead of me and i know you deserve this. congrats momma hope this pregnancy is going happy and healthy for you.

MommyRoxy 33 kids; Clearwater, Florida 5609 posts
Nov 16th '10
Quoting Jenna (14 weeks with twin: