R.I.P. MY LITTLE ANGEL JA 16 kids; Port Orchard, Washington 846 posts
Aug 24th '10

I read this and I just wanted to say I am so sorry. Your little angel is in my prayers to my lil' angel. God gave them to us for a reason and now they are our guardian angels watching over us. I can't say I know what you are going through but I can say I know the pain of losing your child but like you said, at least they aren't in pain anymore. What you did was what you saw best and what came from your heart and therefore it was the right thing to do. It was a very selfless, hard, and heartfelt decision and you in no way, shape or form took the easy way out, therefore you have done nothing but a good thing. I wish you well momma and if you ever need anything I'm here.

R.I.P. MY LITTLE ANGEL JA 16 kids; Port Orchard, Washington 846 posts
Aug 24th '10

P.S. Sorry my post was so long.

*~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
Aug 24th '10

Jenna, I just wanted to say I'm so proud of you for sharing your story!!!!!

Hang in there girl!


ashlin & bentley Due February 2; 1 child; Texas 803 posts
Aug 24th '10

I am praying for you guys. You are so brave and courageous.

~Emmalyn's Mommy~EBF~ Due June 17; 17 kids; Post Falls, Idaho 926 posts
Aug 24th '10

Wow... talk about some tears i just shed.
I am sorry :(
Your baby boy loves you and i know he is happy and peaceful now, not in pain and free from suffering.
You are strong. and what i mean by strong, is strong hearted and strong willed.
You have a heart of gold.
I know little bean will be blessed with a little brother or sister one day and he will be there angel for life.
That is how i think about my baby in heaven. He is Emmalyn's Angel forever and he will protect her.

Walking in Memphis 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Macon, Georgia 5986 posts
Aug 24th '10

I read this with tears streaming down my face. The unbelievable strength and courage it took to know that you did the right thing is amazing. I will pray for little bean along with you and Aaron and that you will have plenty of bright days ahead. Times are pretty dark right now but hang in there you WILL survive this. You will always carry a part him with you and instead of sadness carry the Joy that he brought you in the short time he was here.

Man. Bear. Pig. 2 kids; Arizona 25443 posts
Aug 24th '10

jenna i have followed your story for a while and it breaks my heart. i cant even imagine making the decision you had to make. it was extremely difficult for me to read, but more difficult for you to write.. but i'm sure it was therapeutic for you to get out! i'm so sorry for your loss.

ooooooooooooo New Jersey 450 posts
Aug 24th '10

What a hard decision you had to make. You made the right one. I'll pray for your little one tonight.

Krysta. ilu Teagan 17 kids; Camrose, Alberta 716 posts
Aug 24th '10

My heart just breaks for you girl, honestly. You are just so incredibly strong, I hope you know that - no matter how weak you feel. I admire you, a lot. You have a gorgeous angel watching over you and your family, you made one of the hardest decisions a mother could ever be faced with, you made a decision for your son regardless of the pain, regret, and all kinds of emotions you were going to have to face. You are so very selfless, I pray that your ttc journey ends soon with a healthy, sticky pregnancy.


p.s.. sorry I'm so late on the post.

doubledee Due October 20; 33 kids; Australia 2144 posts
Aug 24th '10

*hugs* xo

user banned 32 kids; Washington 3026 posts
Sep 5th '10

I read your entire story and you are amazing strong to make such a decision. My thoughts and prayers are with you. stay strong and know that your baby boy is smiling down on you.

Sending you lots and lots of hugs

bye bg!! 18 kids; California 17313 posts
Sep 5th '10

It takes a strong person to do what you did. I didn't terminate, but I had a m/c at 11w and you have the same kind of questions..why me? Like you, I wanted my son more than anything, so why me? But you can't really live like that. You can't move passed the hard times if you don't let that go. But you're pregnant now, and I'm sure everything will be fine =]

loving my 4 kiddos 4 kids; Powell River, British Columbia 911 posts
Sep 5th '10

im so sorry for what you have been through!! and I would of made the same choice!! I cant imagine how broken your heart is but your a very strong unselfish women for thinking about your lil bean and not yourself!! he is in a better place watching over his mommy :) **hugs** <3

MirandaLynnxO 2 kids; New Jersey 10074 posts
Sep 5th '10

Amazing story, and im SO sorry for your loss. I hope someday, everything turns out happy for you & your other half<3

Hugs & i hope you feel better, soon!

anda21 Due June 3; 1 child; Texas 1931 posts
Sep 7th '10

I read every word of this with tears in my eyes and think that you are such an amazing woman! This is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make in your life and I whole heartily believe you did the right thing. Your Little man will be watching over you now and forever! Stay strong sweetheart and I know you will be blessed with healthy baby!!! :)