Newborn on Oxygen After Birth..How Long? IM WORRIED!! Akeem DaShawn Vinson is H 1 child; Fairbanks, Alaska 318 posts
Aug 17th '10


So my newborn son Akeem was born 8/15/2010, I only had to push for 10 minutes, he came out with the cord wrapped around his neck so tightly the doctor was pulling it from around his neck, he did not cry at all when placed on my chest, he did not let out a first cry until they gave him his shots then he didn't cry again after that, his color was pasty grey and blue but everyone said it was normal so I started breastfeeding which went pretty well, so they take him to the Nursery then tell me he is in NICU because he is not getting enough oxygen on his own and his blood glucose levels are so low....His color has gotten better and he has been taken of his IV, he just can't go without extra oxygen at all.....Anyways tomorrow I get discharged and I am so nervouse about not being able to take my son home, this is my first child, have any of you mommies ever went through this, I guess he is retaining some liquids which make it hard to breath on his own a little bit, he is in an incubater right now.... If you have went through this how long does it usually take before he can breath what he needs on his own?

Akeem DaShawn Vinson is H 1 child; Fairbanks, Alaska 318 posts
Aug 17th '10
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I had to leave my baby in hospital for 4 months after birth due to prematurity. How long he stays on O2 depends on why he isn't getting the oxygen he needs. He'll be off oxygen when he can keep his saturation levels up without needing assistance.

That doesn't mean he'll be let out right away though. They'll want to watch him for a bit and make sure it doesn't drop again.

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Aug 17th '10
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