My 8 month old just swallowed... ♥ Kim 17 kids; California 5962 posts
Jul 30th '10

My daughter was playing with my styrofoam cup from dinner and she managed to bite a piece of the lid off, a pretty small piece, but more longer than it was wide. The lid is plastic. What should I do? She gagged on it but it never came up so it ended up going down. I just worry because it obviously had sharp corners. Just wait until she poops it out? And I don't want to hear "you should've watched her more closely" because I was holding her and she was just too quick. TIA :)

..........deleted........ 15 kids; Elyria, Ohio 4794 posts
Jul 30th '10

geez watch your kid :roll:

lol jk

My son swallowed a piece once (he was 9 or 10 months) and he just pooped it out. Pedi said to just watch and make sure he's eating and all that.

allison erin 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Wa, United States 13428 posts
Jul 30th '10

If it were my kid, I would give her something to drink to wash it down. Then continue to watch how she acts for a while.

Mother Wolf 2 kids; California 13526 posts
Jul 30th '10

I would check the throat and make sure it's not lodged. Also give your LO something to drink to help wash it down and other then that there is nothing you can really do now but watch your child for any weird changes.

*J* 50 kids; 14412 posts
Jul 30th '10

Silly Casidy! Give her something thick to drink to help make sure its down. Smoothie or shake or something. She should be okay. She may get cranky when its time to come out tho!

♥ Kim 17 kids; California 5962 posts
Jul 30th '10

Thanks everyone! I nursed her for a bit to make sure it got washed down ok. Now she's asleep. I'm going to be worrying like crazy until that thing comes out lol...

NolaMom 17 kids; New Orleans, Louisiana 4774 posts
Jul 30th '10

Just watch her. It probably will come out in her poop soon. Peyton loves to eat paper now. :x

♥nikki Due September 14; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; none, IA, United States 17841 posts
Jul 31st '10

Everyone else already answered but I just wanted to say I love your avi Kim! She's getting so big!