user banned Colorado 21030 posts
Jul 9th '12

I have never been in this thread but i really really wNt the mother ease one size. Do i just pm the seller? How often is the op updated?

Jenna {+ 2} 2 kids; Cosby, Missouri 2242 posts
Aug 22nd '12

I'm looking for Applecheeks and gdiapers!!!

[Bryson's Mommy+1] Due November 17; 1 child; Tennessee 2451 posts
Sep 1st '12

hey all! i hope its ok to post this looking for Flip diaper covers, Flip inserts, Grovia shells and snap in inserts. extra liners for BG 3.0 pockets would be nice too! thanks!

Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
Sep 2nd '12

Newborn needed any type.

maybe a few AIO as well still need a wet bag also.

Im having a girl thanks

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
Sep 2nd '12

i would like some newborn and/or AIO's .. for a boy so no pinks or purples.

KH. Due November 11; 1 child; Texas 4969 posts
Sep 19th '12

I have a bambooty diaper. I won it in the great cloth diaper hunt but its a girly print. As much as I wanted to try their diapers I just can't put strawberry and flower print on DS. Its brand new never prepped or worn. Here is the link to the diaper (I'm currently mobile).
Its the strawberry print.

~The Lunar Flower~ 2 kids; Alabama 6748 posts
Oct 13th '12

I am expecting my DS november 26th & I want to cloth diaper but I am having trouble deciding what kind would work best for both the baby & I. If you have any good deals & your looking to sell please pm me

dream 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Linz, Ob, Austria 59820 posts
Oct 14th '12

there is a new thread ladies!